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I DID IT!!!!…


Yes the braided border worked – and it is attached and if you don’t look tooooooo closely you cannot really see the spot where I had to butt join the two ends of the braiding. The braiding itself was sooooo easy and fun (of course I used to braid my hair as a teenager when it was waist length so needless to say I am realllly good at braiding!). I used 1 1/2 inch wide strips torn across the bolt so they were nice and long and braid aids (little nozzles that you run the strip through so that it is folded in on itself as you braid). Attaching it to the rug also was really easy – I left about 1 1/2 inches of linen around my rug and zigzagged it. Then I folded  in 1/3 to the front and then the balance in on itself so it left me a 1/2 ledge all the way around my rug. I stitched the braid once I had enough to go all the way around the rug with a few inches to spare, to the last row of hooking pulling it tightly so that no linen would show in between the hooking and braided edge (once it was totally stitched on I flipped the rug over and stitched the edge of the “ledge” to the braided edge so nice and clean and flat). However, I don’t remember how I finished the butt joint! I worked at it and dreamt about it last night and woke up this morning and just played until it was done. It is a bit thicker (a tad lumpy) but looks okay and is all nice and tight. I do know that I had to cut off and sew under the braiding strands and then butt them up against each other and sew them together so that it looks like a continuation of the braid. This is NOT something I will ever teach (sorry) because it was sooooo finicky and difficult and much as I love the look probably not something I will do toooo often. I do know that next May it is being taught at our Annaul Rug Show in Kingston so – take a class!!!! Learn to do it from an expert and how to do it properly! I am just happy that mine is done and turned out not tooooo badly.

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  1. Looks amazing Loretta:) As always I adore your colors..never get tired of looking at what you put together and I absoutely love your blog! Happy holidays to you and Gord if I don’t get to talk to you again prior to…. Kelly

  2. Oh, my goodness!
    Your first 2 people have the same initials!

    ECSTASY! You did it and it’s grand…..and you feel wonderful!

  3. Beautiful Loretta!!!

  4. I will be at Julie’s tomorrow if you want to send the pattern…or to Nancy’s the week after. Irene

  5. That braided edge is the perfect finish –

  6. I did a braided border for my Walk Me Please Dragon rug–I felt the same way. I was never so relieved when i got it finished.
    Vickey in SC

  7. It looks great!! I have braided a few rugs and it is not easy! Good job!Love that cute pattern!!

    • Hi Cammie thank you so much the pattern is by woolen memories – not huge and such fun Sooooo how did you connect the braid at the end I really love the look of the braid and figure there has to be a way of joining the ends that does not leave me in a sweat and having nightmares!!!!

  8. It ( the braided edge-and the whole rug of course ) looks great! I’m inspired…Finishing the end-Seems like you’d leave the raw edge of each color tube when you start- then at the end-which you planned a few inches before the end so the colors match up when you get to the beginning-loosening or tightening the braid as needed-so at the point they come together tuck under the raw edges of each section and whip stitch colors together OR tuck raw edge of one end into the tucked under edge of the other end and whip stitch. Lots of words but easy if you are VISUAL. Or take the class in May! Barb

    • yeah i think taking the class in may is a goooood idea! but you are on the right track although i had not thought out all the steps that is basically what i did (well with a little fudging haha)….


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