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Ahhhh last show is done – I love doing shows but hmmm some crazy woman overplanned my schedule this fall and I have to admit – I feel old. (oh darn I am!!!! old!). The show was such fun though and wow although we were in the basement there were tons of people visiting us! Now the fact that we had amazing artists in the basement (well throughout the building!) and wonderful work might have contributed – or maybe it was all the laughing and noise from the basement that attracted people down there. In any event it was fun. I even controlled my spending although I did break down and buy some wonderful hand spun hand dyed wool from my neighbour Cindy and traded with Wendo – a rughooking kit and lesson for a darling needle felted owl and chicken for my Charlie Brown tree. You can see more pix (and probably better ones) on Wendo’s blog

Cindy and her hand spun hand dyed yarnsHPIM3999

Who else!!!loretta

Wendo and her wonderful needle felted pieces and kitsHPIM3998

If you look realllllly closely you can spot my little owl top left…owls at Nick of Time

Wendo’s first hooked piece – I think she is a natural!!!!1rst hooked christmas tree 120212

Lots of interest in learning rughooking so some classes are in place for 2013 (check Events for locations and dates – so far Perth and Richmond). For a long time I have wanted to put a sign above my kits saying – YOU TOO CAN BE A HOOKER! Have not had the courage to do that yet – not wanting to offend anyone – but hmmm Saturday I was tempted! So of course the “hooker” jokes were flying around the room most of the day since Wendo and I were both demonstrating.

Today a bit more decorating and this afternoon I hope to finish my squirrel rug – did hook most of the background Saturday (I love doing shows – I actually can hook all day without feeling guilty!). So now just finishing it. At the same time I decided to braid the edge of my Woollen Memories rug – tried braiding this morning and loveeeee the big thick braid! Now I just have to figure out how to join the ends together so that they actually look good. Any suggestions????…

And tonight – Camp Iawah Christmas dinner – an evening of fellowship and TURKEY that I don’t have to cook!!!!!…

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  1. FYI-Betty Gill whom you know–has recently completed a braiding class in the Us She can probably tell you how to do this. Her email , in case you do not have it is

  2. Butt the ends—it’s fiddly but worth the effort. There are probably instructions on line. I have a coupld of great books I follow

    • Hi Marjorie I have a book with pix and instructions but I think i will just have to fiddle with it at the end because hmmm the instructions are soooooo complex Do you have books you recommend?

  3. Hello dear friend, how fun to see your booth and you again! Can’t wait to see you next month! Kathy

  4. Great pics and I hear you on the tired and feeling old – but you are always younger than someone, remember that!!! I love the base of the little hooked tree. Is it a light fixture porcelain? What a great idea. And I am sure the dowel/handle would wind right in. Brilliant!!!
    Enjoy the rest and all the best for the holidays. xoxoxox

    • Ha ha good thing to keep in mind – there IS always someone older than me…
      yup those are old porcelain ceiling fixtures with a chair spindle for the trunk of the tree – you kNOWWWWWW how much I love to junk!!!! Have a wonderful Christmas and all the best in 2013…

  5. Hi Loretta! Great to see you in person and looking so studious as you hook away! You know I think you should fire that girl that over booked you!!!!! Talk to you later!!


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