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FIRST SNOW!!!! About 1 inch – everything is white and lovely. And I am in the mood for decorating for Christmas…





butttt when I started to pull out all the boxes I realised that hmmm it had been a LONG time since the house got a good cleaning so that is how most of my week has been spent. There were dust bunnies that I actually could have given names to they were so big! And a few mummified things I could not even identify. No wonder mice like it here – they feel right at home!!! So after much scrubbing and cursing I was ready to decorate. Now I have what some would call the ugliest Charlie Brown Christmas Tree. It is definitely not a “traditional” full beautiful tree – it is scrawny and scraggly (not even real) but is the tree I have always wanted. It is filled with hand made quite primitive decorations – collected over a number of years. The best part is – I just wrap it in sheets and store it in the basement and when it is time to decorate I drag it up the stairs, set it onto an old apple crate and in 5 minutes my tree is done. Well a few branches might have to be straightened out. And of course, every year I look for a few new decorations – hand made by various artists. This year – be still my heart – we have not only a gift exchange next weekend at our primitive Christmas party but an ornament exchange as well! I am expecting 10+ wonderful handmade ornaments made by my friends. There are still gaps in my tree that need filling (oh and I do have another little tree hidden away waiting for decorations!!!).

This week I have also been packing up for the Nick of Time show in Perth. This runs tomorrow, Saturday, from 10 – 4 at McMartin House on Gore Street. It is a lovely little one day Christmas show. This year however, I am located in the basement – hmmm does anyone go to the basement? I hope so – if not ohhhhh Wendo and her felting are across from me and Cindy Keary with Handspun and dyed wool is beside me. So I may be spending a few $ :-)… At least I can be thankful that I am not located beside Ludwig with his handmade chocolate! Hope you can make it to the show…


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  1. hmmmmmmmmmm…let me know when your Dust Bunnies are old enough to vote. By then they’d be ready to meet mine! Maybe we could hitch them up and they’ll move away… least I think that’s what happens….move away?

  2. Dust Bunnies??? Are they those fuzzy thinks that roll out to meet me on my way by? I think they are cute and they keep my feet warm while I’m hooking. Love the tree!

  3. Love your blog and really enjoy reading it. The dust bunnies hit home. I have to tell you, the other night I was sewing, dropped my needles down the side of the chair, the whole pack. Anyway turned the chair over and found a corn curl and gave it to my golden retriever Brit. My husband and I laughed like heck when he ate it and we didn’t hear a crunch. Most have been really old!!!!! Love your straggly tree, those are the best kinds. Enjoy!!!!


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