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Well classes are finished, one final little Christmas show in a few weeks (oh make that one week!!!! – the Nick of Time show in Perth) but this weekend I am off to our annual (well now semi annual) hooking retreat at Camp Iawah. A group of us have been getting together on a semiannual basis for a weekend of Hooking – no Cooking! We hook and eat and inspire each other in our craft – it is a weekend I look forward to every year. So next week I hope to have lots of pix of show and tell to inspire YOU as well. But what am I going to work on this weekend? Will I finally finish off Squirrel rug, Beer Drinkin Bears, a commissioned Hat, Raven pillow – nope! Started a new piece yesterday – I felt I had lost my touch and needed to get back to my usual colours and style so pulled one of the patterns by Woolen Memories that I have not sold and yesterday started hooking. I wanted all the motifs done so that I could just take along background and not think too much on the weekend (not that I have ever been accused of that!). Unfortunately this pattern was so much fun I could easily have finished it today:

I am considering a lambs tongue appliqued border or a thick braided finish…

This week I dyed up a beautiful smoky blue. You know I am not big on blue! but I love this colour. I did it over a varied base of natural, oatmeal, tans, light plaids, grey herringbones, dirty yellows, black and white tweeds… and it gave me a wonderful array of clean and bright, dirty and old. The formula is dead easy:

8/16ths (half a teaspoon) of Magic Carpet Blue

4/16ths (quarter of a teaspoon) of Prochem 413 Navy

over 1 1/2 yards of mixed wools. Remember the older looking base colours (i.e. tans and beizes) will give you more aged final colours and the clearer colours (blue greys and naturals) will give you brighter cleaner colours.

In attempting my year end clean up I have decided to have a sale on a few seasonal kits so if any of the following interest you they are 30% off. Just send me an email and I will let you know the size and price…

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  1. Have fun, Loretta…when is the show in Perth??

  2. As well as constantly hooking, grazing, chatter and chuckles at Iawah…there will be shananigans…stay tuned for the elf on the shelf mischief!

  3. Shananagans at Iawah? Naa. (One of my favorite things involves elves and mischief…..can hardly wait!)

  4. Iawah sounds like a great weekend – have fun ladies! Hmmm, I assume that you are all ladies going….
    Love the blue wool you dyed Loretta!

  5. Have a fun weekend maybe next time I can join in


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