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I know everyone has been anxiously waiting for the pix from the show. Should I tease and say my camera failed? NOOOOO. Actually this year I recharged all my batteries so no excuse except to say that as usual I was overwhelmed. I was told by one friend – yes pix but ENJOY the rugs as well! Another friend asked if I could try to get the labels included in the pix so that people would know who the hooker and designer were. Wellllll I tried! My skill at taking photographs is somewhat limited – usually I clean up photos to make them straight, crop them and enhance them but this time as much as I could I tried to get the label in – sometimes stepping on peoples toes to get far enough away to get some of the amazingly HUGE rugs into the photo and sometimes getting so close that my nose practically rubbed the rugs. But I am sure despite the flaws in my photos you will enjoy the rugs.

Had a wonderful time away – got to go to my little primitive store and oh my god it was full of primitive antiques as well so… hmmm came home with a table. Not sure where I will put it but it was so nice and the price was crazy so I could not leave it behind!!!! Also got some antique red tin sconces and some U.S.A. made Christmas decor so I was happppy.

Now to share those rugs – this will take many days folks so keep coming back for more:

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  1. Wow! Simply beautiful

  2. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
    How grand!

  3. wow, too many favorites! but will decide on being partial to the red roofed church! so what were you inspired to do next then Loretta? besides find room for another table…have you a new hooking idea in your head after the show?

    • what will i work on next – ohhhh maybe finishing the ones i have started – squirrels, bears etcetcetc!!!! (cannot tell you allll of them cause hmmm that would be giving away the xmas exchange!! ;-)….

  4. Thanks so much for featuring my “Solitude” piece! Can’t wait to get down to the show this weekend and see all the amazing work!

  5. Thanks for commenting on the white fish! I was interested in creating an image that relied on line and texture instead of color to define it. I have gotten lots of positive feedback on it. What’s even more fun is that I’ve taken it a step further with another white hooked piece and painted it with dye, which creates a watercolor effect. I will be exploring that technique more in the coming months.

    Donna Hrkman


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