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It never ceases to amaze me how much we rely on technology these days. When it goes down I am totally lost. My IMac which I love and know how to use hmmm to about 30% of its capacity went down again. Three new hard drives in 3 years! Thank God for warranties and wonderful Apple Stores where they do all the work cause I am a techno idiot. Don’t even know how to use our cell phone! My lovely big Mac (which in my frustration I was calling my rotten apple) is back and so am I! Did not bother taking pix at the show this past weekend because I knew I would not be posting them for days. But I did take a picture of an amazing rug the other day when Patsy and Gillian came for a dye class. This is Gillian’s version of a Bev Conway pattern done beautifully in number 4 cut..

The Glebe show was wonderful – much quieter than in previous years but still a lot of fun and fulllll of amazing yarns, rovings, unspun. I always look at shows as an opportunity to talk with people about rughooking and meet up with friends I have not seen in a while as well as being my “hooking time”. I saw people that I have not seen since I was in Arizona in January – all the way from Halifax (well not all that way to see me!!! :-)). And I hooked 2 pieces – finished them off on Monday. One is my hex sign which I have now attached to a wonderful old cheese box that I bought at my grungy crackhouse antique store. It had already been painted and distressed in perfect black over red! The other piece is a small snowman runner that originally was a wool applique pattern in the very first issue of Primitive Quilts and Projects. I started doing it as a wool applique and realised – holy cow I can hook this faster! So it is hooked and I love it.

So this weekend we are off to the Green Mountain Rug Show in Shelburne Vermont. I am sooooo excited! Must remember this year to take LOTS OF RECHARGED BATTERIES. No more of those made in China things that only last 2 pictures! Then off to New Hampshire to one of my favourite towns – Portsmouth. I look forward to this trip every year as we meet up with good friends and just have such a great time and of course I take along lots of hooking projects. The inn we stay at in North Conway does not object to me coming down at 5:30 in my Pj’s with my hooking in tow – I sit in the living room sipping on day old coffee from the urn and hook for hours until everyone else gets up!

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  1. Hi Loretta…here’s wishing you a wonderful weekend in VT and NH. Next week I would love to see a photo posted of you in PJs, hooking in the living room inn…you are the picture of happy contentment when you are hooking, and the rest of us are SLEEPING 🙂 All the best my friend.

  2. Gillian’s marvellous, carmellized, marbellized,cat is a beautiul, colourul sight…..I can imagine a stash of freshly dyed wonders of everything gold…and Gillian hooking while dancing in circles to something STRAUSS………………!

  3. Love your finished hex sign – and how fun to hook the snowmen instead of appliqueing them like the pattern suggested – you’ll have to send a picture of it to Lynda Hall so she can see your project!

  4. Love love love those snowmen, that rug is so adorable! Love the colours in both rugs, a joy to behold.

  5. Have fun in VT – won’t see you there, but maybe Jenn Manuell will. Can’t wait to see everyone’s pics. Love the snowman runner. It made me smile. xo

  6. Love Gillian’s cat!! She is a natural!!…and as for you..well everything you do makes me smile!!


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