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and now back to squirrels…or bears, or hat (and I forgot yesterday, I am also working on the Hex Sign rug from our class last week! another project – might be a bussssy winter!). These purses go together so quickly. Once the hooking of the flap is done I cut and stitch together the body of the purse, press under and topstitch the strap for the purse and attach it to the body of the purse and cut the lining. Then the final work is done by hand – stitching the lining to the flap and stitching the lining to the inside of the purse. I may just have to make another bag with step by step pictures as these really are fun to make and are great Christmas (or other) gifts. Here is the finished purse:

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  1. I love this purse. If you are doing kits I’d like to have one. It really is fun. I especially love the bright colours. thanks for the post.

  2. It really looks cute and I have lots of ideas. Would love to see step by step process. Hope you do post the steps with pics. But in the mean time, your purse is darling!

  3. I agree with Belva. Hope you post the steps and pics. I love the purse. Great gift idea.

  4. Your purse has me thinking! I finished my Bird, Heart and Flower rug. (you looked at my rug on internet – in your shoppe last summer). Now I want to market it.

  5. I could be very much interested in the loon purse. Please let me know if it is still available and price.


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