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TOOOOOOO MANY PROJECTS! I don’t like having too many things on the go – gets me all distracted and stressed. However, I have Beer Drinkin Bears, Squirrel and Acorns, a hooked hat and now a purse – all on the go. Worked diligently on squirrel rug and of course hmmm blue sky background and problems! I find hooking blue a challenge – it is not a colour I feel terribly comfortable with so when I started the squirrel rug I thought blue would work with all the old golds, golden browns, golden oranges and orangey reds. And I am sure it will – when I figure out which blue. The one I thought I would use is once again (like River Otters) too dull and solid looking even though there are about 10 different wools in it. So this morning I pulled out a whole new range of lighter green/blues and will mix that in with the darker blues and see what happens. However before reverse hooking most of my sky I needed a break and decided this morning to hook a purse. Purses are soooo much fun – they are small, functional pieces of art. I can hook one up in a morning (the hooking is done!) and sew it together in an afternoon. So this time NO ANIMALS, no oak leaves, no dull colours. This is a purse for dull grey fall days and cold winter days so it needed some zing. I took one of my Karla Gerard patterns and cropped it down to a wonderful colourful purse flap sized rug and hooked it in darks and brights throwing in some sari silks to add a little zing! So although this is not my usual palette (no pink in my life!) I think it is a fun piece and will make a great purse. The body of the purse will be the same dirty black as the foreground so it will really pop.

Well two more shows to finish off the year – The Ottawa Valley Spinners and Weavers guild show in the Glebe Community Center the first weekend in November and then the first Saturday in December is the Nick of Time show in Perth. Then ahhhhhh no  more shows for a while! I can paint my walls instead! That usually seems to be my winter past time – painting (or rather repainting) walls.

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  1. Cute little go anywhere purse! I should do small projects and get them finished. Happy colours.


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