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Fleece Festival last weekend was TERRIFIC! People were walking around with huge bags of supplies – knitting, felting, spinning, hooking – and stayed for hours! I am already looking forward to next years show. So a fun fun day and a busy week that just zipped by. I get so sad at this time of year – fall is my favourite season. I love the colours, smells, lack of heat!!!! and humidity but it is so fleeting. Dock is out so hmmm no more sitting down by the lake which usually means I don’t even walk down anymore. Leaves are falling like snow (oh oh there’s a word you probably did not want to hear yet!). And deer hunting is about to start. That really upsets me because I am a saver of animals and love my deer – even though they treat my gardens like a salad bar! But yesterday was a glorious day! I left early for guild – sun was coming up and shining through the leaves and it just made my soul sing! Here are a few pix of the backyard (or lakeside cause here in the country they call this the front of the house!):

At guild this week we started a class with Carol Shewan on hooking Hex signs which kind of morphed into Frakturs which kind of morphed into Folk Art (based loosely on Pennsyvania Dutch folk art). A 2 part class so yesterday was spent learning about PD folkart – the history and meaning – and starting to draw out our patterns. Colour planning and hooking in the next class but of course I drew mine out, colour planned it and am ready to start hooking. May have to do a second one so that I have something to play with in the next class! Traditional PD colours are reds, blues, yellows, greens all in more vibrant tones on either white or black background but YOU KNOW that is not going to happen! I already have my textured dirty reds, blues, golds and greens picked out on a dirty black background! And although I am going to try my usual 8.5 I may have to slip down the scale a bit to a 7 because I am doing a 14 inch round geometric design. So a few pix of the class in action and next meeting a few pix of hopefully peoples designs and works in progress:

Carol helping Chrissie with her design.

Seeeeee all the lovely brights – but NOT HAPPENING for this lover of dirty colours  🙂

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  1. Thank you for this lovely post. I have the same feelings about Fall. Today is a misty moisty morning here with no sun in sight. My maple tree has lost nearly all her leaves which makes me a little sad. I love the project the guild is working on. I can’t wait to see the work the ladies produce. thanks for starting my day out on a happy note.


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