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Well our tour is over for another year. It was a wonderful weekend – cool, sunny skies. Perfect weather – noone was swimming or boating this weekend so hmmm they were all here! It was a busy busy busy 3 days – heck so busy we had one couple show up on Tuesday – the day after the tour ended :-).

So did I buy anything – well this year – for the first time ever – I restrained myself! I KNOW that is hard to believe but honestly I did not buy anything – but my sister Diana (who lives with us) did! Now Di has Downe Syndrome so the value of money (and many other things) is somewhat lost on her. But she earns money for little jobs around the house and she LOVES to buy things! This weekend she picked out one of Louise’s beautiful dolls (thank heavens a smaller one). Usually when Di buys or orders something from one of our guest artists I end up covering at least 50% of the cost because Di will pull out a 5.00 bill and expect change when an item is 40.00! But this year she was on her own. Of course I did notice a 10.00 bill missing from my money later on. I guess she figured I needed to be part of the purchase afterall!

Although I didn’t buy anything this year I did receive a couple of totally unexpected and unwarranted gifts – a wonderful sheep ornie carved by Doug (to add to my growing collection) and the most amazing fish for my garden made out of rakes and pitchforks etc. from Steve and Karen. AND OF COURSE A TON OF FOOD was brought by everyone – we ate soooooo well! and hmmm leftovers are still in the fridge or freezer!

A bigggg Thank you to all our visitors (I know some of you are reading this) who came long distances to see our artists and left with wonderful pieces!

This weekend off to Fleece Festival in Woodstock – a one day show of fleece related vendors – knitting stores, rughooking vendors, fiber vendors! A great show if you are looking for supplies!

Hope you all had as wonderful a Thanksgiving as we did…

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  1. Happy to hear the weekend brought droves to enjoy the treasure troves of your artists.
    Love your Santa and Sheep…………..but, it’s about the FISH!!!! I did a quick check to see if Karen and Steve were going to be at ON COMMON GROUND Studio Tour this coming weekend and they are………………………….now, to find the right road…yes, I do have a map….

  2. Do I ever love the sheep and the cow in your photo!That fish is really something else. My pond would look great with that fella beside it or better still in it!


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