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So I am on a roll with animals. Enjoyed Riverus Otterus so much that I decided to do a squirrel rug – well prompted probably by all the squirrels outside planting acorns from our oak trees. This little guy is harvesting and planting and prepping for the winter. Little does he know that those acorns are going to grow into big oak trees. So lets see how much this design changes as I go along. I am doing a dark navy and golden brown sky (love how navy makes all those warm fall colours just pop and mixes sooooo well with golden browns). Then the squirrel – well a bit of artistic license here as I am doing him in all golden browns and our squirrels are either grey or black – hmmm maybe this is the red squirrel!). These 2 colours are amazing together – the navy is dark and dirty and the golden brown has a touch of orange in it so mmmmm complements! The formulas for these 2 colours is shown below – dead easy and works up well every time over a mix of wools. Will work on this piece this weekend  (notice all the oak leaves – prompted by the river otter rug).  We are on a lake surrounded by 70 foot tall whispering pines, maples (very few), birches and oak trees. So I figure all my animal rugs will become part of my Wolfe Lake Vignettes!

Dirty Navy:

3/16 Prochem 413 navy

3/16 Magic Carpet black

over 2/8 fabric. I of course dyed up a yard and used a wonderful brown based wool for my navy so that by not stirring I end up with some areas of brown showing through the navy.

Old Golden Brown:

8/16 Prochem 199 golden yellow

8/16 Prochem 560 chestnut

over approximately a yard of mixed wools – tweeds, plaids, browns etc to give me a wonderful variety of golden browns.

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  1. Oh Loretta I love it! Kathy (in Needles CA, on our way to Mesa AZ and freight trains went by our hotel room every 15 minutes last night!)

  2. Briarwood Folk Art

    What about those beer drinking bears?

    Kathy via iPad

  3. Love the design. Can’t wait to see it started this weekend. Glad to see someone being creative as I have not been.

  4. Already, you’ve captured the squirrel’s frenzied ‘Cirgue de Soleil’ of Autumn’s Gathering…and that’s just in the design. Wonderful!

  5. looks like a real fun pattern. love to see it worked up.


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