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Whew what a weekend. The quilt show in the Glebe was lovely – not huge but some amazing quilts. Unfortunately my camera ended up MIA. Saturday morning I hopped out of the car and Gord took off merrily on his way to golf -WITH MY HOOKING BAG IN THE BACK OF THE CAR – hooking, frame, hook, scissors, lunch!, water, camera. Thank heavens I had my money and my glasses! Running after the car hopping up and down and yelling GORD STOP! did not work! Even had passers by running after the car. To no avail. Gord was blissfully ignorant until he got to the golf course! Where he discovered my bag – and hmmm did not come back! So I learned to hook in my lap – nottttt an easy thing to do. I remember that an amazing hooker who used to live in Quebec apparently started off hooking without a frame and using a latch hook. I am wondering if this is a myth cause it is tough! Finally someone took pity on me and brought me a wonderful lap frame so  I was happy again but I still had nothing to hook. In the end  I wripped open one of my kits and hooked REALLLLLY SLOWLY (it was a small piece that I could have finished in about 2 hours!). Sunday I finally had my camera but noticed that noone was taking pictures so did not either as I thought perhaps they were asking people not to take photos. So unfortunately nothing to show….

This weekend is our studio tour – I have 8 artists (including myself) here for the weekend. What an amazing bunch. A folk art carver, wood turner, weaver, mosaic glass maker, salvage artist, felt artist, doll artist and me! I will post pictures once everyone has set up – to tempt you!!!! Oh heck why don’t I tempt you now – check out our website (google Westport Fall Colours Studio Tour and click on studio number 2). This Thursday if you are in the Kingston area I will be doing a spot on Live at 5 on CKWS. Ugh – I hate doing live spots. Usually during the tour on the Saturday morning I (the hooker) meet the radio guy in the parking lot behind the arena! We do a live radio spot plugging the tour but heck I can go in my PJ’s with bed hair! For TV – hmmm I guess I will have to dress up in something besides my comfy Pj lounging pants and paint on the missing eyebrows!

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  1. We tried successfully last Thursday at 5 to see if we could get CKWS from Kemptville with SHAW….looking forward to your pitch…Have a great weekend………….


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