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I decided finally to not make the border fish and bubbles – otter food. Since Mr. Otter is now svelte and sleek he is on a diet so instead the border is falling floating oak leaves. The first ones were drawn in upside down – wrong direction – floating up instead of falling down! So drew out a few cardstock templates and traced them onto the border area and hooked them in very calm tones. Usually if I do a leaf it has tons of little bits of wool strips in it but this time I wanted them a bit quieter because there was so much going on in the rest of the rug. So now just show binding and finished! What to hook next is the big dilemma!!! But I have to admit this was a fun piece to play with – made me realise how much a rug can change when it is a new design never before hooked and nothing to refer to. Design changed (and changed and changed), concept for the border changed, colours changed, hooking style and direction changed! In the end i am pleased with it – even the reconfigured back foot which caused a bit of controversy :-).

Yesterday my friends Elizabeth and Lydia came for a visit (bringing gifts of food – yeahhhhh lunch!). Elizabeth had broken her wrist a few months ago and cannot hook or hand sew at the moment but wanted to make her rug into a pillow for her granddaughters birthday. We thought and thought – how to make it up as a pillow without a lot of hand sewing while still being able to get really close to that last row of loops. Finally the light went on! Proddy fringe. So easy – sew right sides together leaving about half an inch of the unhooked backing around the outside of the hooking showing and prod through that with 4  – 5 inch strips. Then stuff it with a pillow. A wonderful and easy and fast way to make up your pillow after the fact…

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  1. Do you ever sleep? I have the black boarder done and working on everything else very pleased how things are coming along, the new sky looks perfect and now working in the rocks. France and I have connected and will be driving together Thursday . I really don’t have any wool for the quillies would it be ok to just observe, or should I come see you for some wool

  2. How perfect -the PRODDY hooked border on Elizabeth’s piece gives Dimension and complements the gaiety in her hooking…..and “riv-air-us——-oh-tair-us” is wonderful. I’d like to follow your thoughts as you choose your grand colours!

  3. I love the proddy border on the pillow – it enhances the whimsy of the pattern…great job ladies!!!

  4. The Country Mouse

    Outstanding!!! Mouse-tastic!!! Love them both!!

  5. Do you sell a pattern or kit for this (otters)?


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