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Well the coming weekends will be busy – this weekend I am at Quilt Co in the Glebe in Ottawa, next weekend is our Fall Colours Studio Tour and the weekend after that I am at Fleece Festival in Woodstock. Then one FINAL show in November back in the Glebe – the spinners and weavers guild show. So hmmm all of a sudden I realised I had only about 15 kits left – how did that happen!!!! Consequently I am feverishly trying to dye wool, cut it and make up kits. Occasionally I actually get a bit of hooking in there as well – so the otters are coming along (slowly)…

I realise however as I look at the picture that his back foot looks rather more like hmmm well we won’t go there! Think!!!!! I will rehook that area for the – let’s see – would that be FOURTH time! Ahhh thank goodness for good backing and good wool!!! Water has been rehooked a few times. First time – wrong value and just dead. Second time straight lines – boring! Third time – I love it!  Movement, Whimsy, non realistic! Again in real life it is much more subtle (my eyes don’t have built in flash!!!). Love the way the trees and sky and moon worked out and the wool for the birch tree on the left was just SOOOO perfect for a primitive. But yup those 2 little things dangling from his belly – not looking like a foot – not even a primitive foot!!! So back to the drawing board! Just goes to show you that rugs evolve. The full otter initially was too fat (they are sleek! and svelte as Gord says), tail looked like a sail and head looked like a muskrat! Now I am thinking (except for the dangling bits) that he looks more ottery in a primitive way!

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  1. The otter rug is looking great Loretta. I love everything. I wouldn’t have noticed the back leg if you hadn’t pointed it out 🙂 I find it amazing how you have made such a realistic pattern so primitive. Looking forward to seeing it in real life.

    • Otterly Wonderful!! The sky is AMAZING and the overall movement is like slipping into midnight waters for a skinny dip. (So maybe the dangly bits were meant to be ?)
      p.s. I don’t usually comment, but I have been so encouraged and inspired by recent comments that I felt I wanted to join the conversation.
      Thanks for all you do to keep us engaged and creative.

      • Okay okay so those dangly bits have become – hmmm necessary, not necessary – cut them off, nipples, baby emerging feet first – everything but what they were supposed to be – A FOOT!!!! wow my drawing skills are realllllllly in need of work! 🙂

  2. wasnt till I looked at it on the computer that i noticed he NEEDS TO BE FIXED!…:-)

  3. Well done! you are right the dangly bit does need a rework but it does make one smile!!! Is this your design? I love it.

  4. This is truly gorgeous!
    Could HE be a SHE and a baby is on its way out! That scenario could spawn a series with a NAME THE BABY CONTEST and everything!

  5. Thanks for your time and help yesterday the light blue sky and the grass look amazing, the change to the black border :another great move ! Thank you

  6. The Country Mouse

    Y’a think this is the perfect rug, as is, no ‘snipping’ of dangling participles, for the brewmaster of “Naughty Otter” an Ontario crafted beer??

  7. Oh Loretta, this may be my favorite of yours yet! It is wonderful. I love it! Kathy

  8. LOL, no snipping of the dangling bits, Loretta….I agree…makes for great conversation!! Beautiful rug,

  9. Absolutely ADORE the otter hooked rug. Have you any intention of making it a kit for sale? The colors are sinfully yummy and the scene is so tranquil. I’m very glad to have found your website. I belong to a rug hooking group in Katy, TX. My allegiance hS always been with that proprietor unt I just saw the otters – WOW!!


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