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Boy time flies. Cannot believe it has been a week (actually more!) since I last posted. Gord (hubby) mentioned he was getting bored reading the last post over and over! But it has been a busy week – our trip to Kincardine got cancelled because of a health emergency in our friends’ family – so what to do? Turn around and go home and hmmm work on the house? or keep going and visit my parents and find something to do in the area. Well we decided on the latter (did not take much convincing on my part!!!!) and spent 3 days in Waterloo area visiting parents and wonderful little towns of New Hamburg (where I was thrilllllled to find a tea shop called Phidellias that carried the amazing Lemon Chiffon tea I love), Shakespeare (full of wonderful antique shops were I could not afford a thing! – ahhhh I have to admit I love my local antique and junk stores! where I can actually spend $ not $$$) and Stratford (where had we had the time we would have taken advantage of a matinee play at the theater!). So although I missed walking the beaches of Lake Huron and playing brain twisting card games with our friends I did have a wonderful short trip. Came home to paint! 🙂 Just what I had been trying to escape but felt good when it was finished.

So yesterday my friend Elizabeth came for the day. We drew out her beautiful bigggg (70 x 50) rug pattern on her backing (no red dot or tulle needed either – just put the pattern underneath her primitive linen and traced! – remember to try that! if your drawing is dark enough you will be able to see through the primitive linen and save that additional step of tracing first on red dot (ugh) and then redrawing it through the red dot onto your backing!), colour planned it and dyed a lot of the wool. Elizabeth knew what colours she wanted (yeah all old toned down earthy colours!!!!)  so we dyed up background colours of dark dark navy, dark apple cider, dark olive brown and mixed those in with some wonderful plaids to give a beautiful exciting dark background that will shimmer! Then we dyed a wonderful green from Susan Quicksall’s dyebook and a gorgeous yellow that uses equal parts of Magic Carpet moss green and orange (loved that yellow so much I had to dye more of it today for my own stash). We pulled out some reds that were perfect and added in some great neutrals Elizabeth and I had and some brighter spot dyes for veins dyed by Karen Kaiser et voila it was ready to go home and cut and hook. Here is a picture of Elizabeth sitting on her soon to be rug (yes she wants it finished by spring because as she says it will be too darn heavy and hot to hook in summer):

and that beautiful yellow wool(I think this was 3/16 orange and 3/16 moss green over 9 pieces of wool):

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  1. This rug is going to be a beauty. Keeps making me wish I could hook faster.
    Love the yellows.

  2. Oh I bet Elizabeth has made a gooooood start on it already She was so excited last night when she left. The yellows are even more beautiful in real life – very soft and toned down and mellow – oh mellow yellow! hmmmm good name not bright or in your face or brassy It is a yellow I had dyed years ago (hmmm 12 value swatch! or it looks like that anyway) and in light values it is a soft yellow but in dark values it is bronzey, I think we did medium values.

  3. Wonderful to see your smiling face Elizabeth! Keep us posted with pics on your progress-I am lovin those colors…guess yours will be the hungry hubby and dusty abode cause you will be hooking up a storm!

  4. Ohhhhh!
    How timely to be doing “The Leaf Collection”….I’ve been pulling out magazines and books and finding just that in much smaller sizes and not nearly as pretty an arrangement…..also, timely for me as my dye pots will be brewing yellows with your recipe…….Thanks so much.
    Please post us with your progress……

  5. Susan Sutherland

    You were so close to where I live! I am just 7 minutes from New Hamburg and love Phidelia’s and everything else in New Hamburg. You missed the great Stratford antique market which has a lot better prices than the lovely antique stores in Shakespeare. Next time, give me a call when you come this way. The rug hookers here would love to meet you and I’d love to see you again. Cheers from rainy Baden.

  6. The Country Mouse

    Welcome back, Loretta, we missed you and your daily blogging.

    And, Elizabeth, ‘go big or go home’ takes on a whole new meaning…wow, this is going to be one awesome rug…happy hooking!! As Wendy said, keep us posted with pics.


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