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WAS WONDERFUL. What a fun weekend of meeting up with other fiber fanatics! The torrential rain and thunderstorms on Saturday did not seem to stop the shoppers and visitors! There were 3 wonderful venues – the museum, the Towne Hall and the Agricultural building – full of vendors, displays and demos! We had people from as far away as BC! (well I think they actually came to visit family but what a great opportunity to take part in FF!). I got to hook and schmooz and stayed with my friend Donna and raided her wagon full of what her husband calls “junk”. I came home with what I call “treasures” – big old cheese box, lovely old bottles (although Donna kept the Danderine which apparently was used 100 years ago to make your hair soft and fluffy and the beautiful blue “Liver salts” bottle!), an old cast iron (rusty yummmmm) floor grate, an old wonderful boot lath – not sure if that is what it is called but it would have been used as a frame for making boots). In Almonte – what a wonderful little town – I bought a great old iron icefishing spear head! Got some great yarns that will be wonderful for hooking at the Wool Growers coop. Oh and got to hook for 2 days straight! Not that I got much DONE! But it still was hooking – not cooking or cleaning or painting!

Nancy picked up the Blue Church and I think she liked it. Her friend kept trying to convince her to keep it for herself and get me to hook another – I do think that she was joking!!!! I thanked Nancy for giving me the impetus to try something so totally out of my comfort zone – not a style of hooking that I would do often but it was a good feeling in the end to know that I CAN do it if I want to!

Gord finally got time to attach my carved fish to my worm box – after I washed out the worm castings!!!! We had a wonderful old chair spindle that had the same creamy dirty chippy pealy paint on it as the tin for the fins – he screwed that into the top of the box and dowelled it into the bottom of the fish et voila – my fish has a base and is now resting on the grungy old shelf I bought at Old Jail antiques in Watertown. I love it and am already excited about my next carving class:

So this week we are off to Kincardine – cats have a babysitter and I will relax on the shores of Lake Huron with friends and Gord will golf! So no posts till we get back … have a wonderful (cooler) week…

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  1. love the fish. Enjoy Kincardine. I remember that pretty little town from my kid days. My mother’s family are in that neck of the woods.

  2. Does he have a name? Too cute. Nice to see you yesterday and thanks for bailing me out:)


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