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Wellll not much since I last posted a picture! Have been so busy and having way too much fun – still have 10 fingers to hook with so maybe carving pieces in the future is in the cards. Once my fish is attached to his wormbox I will post a picture. However, I did block off an area to hook this morning (in between dyeing wool and ripping strips out of my Riverus Otterus Canadiensis!). Hmmmm there is a story behind that but first here is the church:

My friend Nancy, for whom I designed Mr. Wieeennneerrrr, asked if I would do a river otter design – same size as the wiener dog rug and facing the other direction so she could hang them both facing each other. Well hmmm that was almost a year ago I think and since Nancy was coming to my hookin this past Sunday and gently (oh so gently) prodding me for the pattern I drew it up on Friday and started hooking it on Saturday. Well it WAS coming along but when I looked at it last night hanging across the room I realised that hmmmmmm not enough light in the water! Out came wrong strips and in will go new strips – much lighter so that the water lilies and bullrushes and otters pop! As for the unusual name – wellllll I figure this might qualify for my “canadiana” challenge for Camp Iawah retreat in 2013! I love 2 birds with one stone (notice I left out the killing – not in my vocabulary!) So no pix of the otters until the tweaking is done and it is finished!

Don’t forget – this weekend is Sundance Studio Tour in Maberly. I have taken a vacation from Sundance this year but will be visiting the tour with my weekend guests. There are I believe over 30 artists at one location and having done the show with many of them in the past I know this will be a great event. So if you are in the area try to stop in to Sundance – now at the intersection of highways 7 and 36 in Maberly.

Next weekend is Fiberfest in Almonte and YES I will be there! Saturday and Sunday – always a great show for anyone loving fiber!


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  1. An incredible piece. In gives me inspiration

  2. Lovely piece of art in the church piece. You can make a wide-cut dance,even on a small scale. The colours are magnificent, Loretta. Anvious to see how you finish it off.

  3. Hi Loretta, The little church is gorgeous and I’ve been wondering it could be the little, blue church at the corner of Hwy 2 and Blue Church Road? I love it!!

  4. This looks like the little blue church that’s somewhere along Hwy 2 and the St. Lawrence. You’ve done a fantastic job, by the way.


  5. Love the church, Loretta, and I am looking forward to seeing the otter…I love them as well :-))


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