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Well now that probably needs to be explained!!! A few months ago I hooked a chicken rug – one of the Alana Kapell patterns I carry. I attached it to the top of an antique egg crate (used for transporting flats of eggs) and ran the handle through the rug so that it could be carried. Welll Gord suggested it would make a great little table if it had legs soooo the weekend of our spring studio tour I asked one of my guest artists, Steve Henderson, if he could whip me up some metal legs. Sure! he could and yesterday Gord picked them up. They are nobbly legs with feet and a platform on the top that totally holds my eggcrate secure and safe. It is now a wonderfully whimsical piece of funky folkart and I love it!!!!

Update on the church rug – it is moving along and I have to admit I am quite happy with it. I know there are fine hookers out there who probably would have done a much better job but considering I don’t hook realism or anything near realism I am happy with the results so far. Hopefully the woman who commissioned it will be as well or hmmm I may be enjoying my rug for a while!!:-)


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  1. Love the chicken legs!

  2. Lorreta it is amazing what you can accomplish with wide cut to portray realism..
    I am 83 and grew up seeing the old wide cut or rag rugs being hooked. Then I lived
    near Vineland and learned the fine shading from Marg Rowan at Rittermere Farm Studio.
    I am a fine shader but have also done wide cut (6) and some 8. I would like to have more
    confidence in trying to do what you have done with the church rug. Impressed.I attended
    McGown Workshop in Mass. last month and we stayed ,Ingrid and I, in Waterdown on
    the way home. It was closed but we went by an antique display of older furniture out on the lawn. I wondered if that was one of your famous places to pick up unusual pieces. I lived
    in Wellington Ont. a few (many) years ago and picked up some great antiques on my
    many haunts around the area.l Acturally I started teaching rug hooking when I lived there
    at the request of the Arts and Crafts Guild that was being organized. Grace Hawkins
    recommended me and she had a barnfull of tubs of wool. Acturally Dorothy Haight learned
    rug hooking in my class. When you spoke to us here inj Georgetown I asked for a workshop
    with you to create the older hooked rugs that you do so great. Have you been contacted.?
    I have a very large collection of old burlap patterns. Some of them we are allowed to copy as the designer is long gone. It would be a suggestion that we create a new hooking with some of the old patterns. Not the bluenose of course as some of them are being prduced in NS.
    Happy Hooking and can’t wait to see the church completed……….shirley Lyons

  3. Loretta the feeling of depth and cool inviting shade you have created at the front far corner of the church is amazing. And of course, I have to SEE those chicken legs…hopefully it isn’t sold before my next visit to God’s Country!

  4. Loretta, when I was at your home on Thursday I saw the commissioned piece in progress, WOW, it’s beautiful. Thanks for all your ideas with my pillow. Can’t wait to go to a few of the junking places you suggested. Sandi H.

  5. Better watch out…that chicken box might just walk away! Steve did a great job. I saw lots of egg crates in Madison Bouckville but not one like yours. All the others had slat sides.
    I bought an antique hooked rug at the antique show. I will bring it to the hookin next week.


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