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Wellll I have been dyeing purples! Yup – purples. Something I rarely have in stock. BECAUSE yesterday Sue came to visit and she brought along her beautiful sunflower chairpads – all shades of golds and yellows and PURPLE BACKGROUND! I have never used purple as a background but it was STUNNING. And I realised quickly why it was so beautiful – complementary colours! All those soft beautiful golds and yellows just pop on that complementary purple! So as soon as Sue left I started dyeing purple! And old golds! May have to try a rug with a purple background now!!! Here is a picture of Sues beautiful chairpads:

And a picture of my purples and golds:

Add in a little burnt orange:

and then a little olivey green and wow what an amazing rug that would make!!!


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  1. who knew chairpads could be so gorgeous! Thanks for sharing. It’s kind of funny that you are dying purples this morning, and Karen K is dying sapphires!

  2. Those chair pads are simply awesome. I love them. But wow do I ever love those purples, golds and oranges. I simply have to do a project incorporating these colors. Purple and orange are my favourite combination of colours. I have a gorgeous silk scarf that is purple and orange with a dragon fly motif. I love it.

  3. Beautiful! Makes you think of fall and Halloween!! Those colors need to be in a cute Halloween rug.


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