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Ohhhhhh how do I get myself into these things? Got an email from a lady I have known for a few years. She has a few of my rugs and asked me about a year ago if I would do a commissioned piece. Welllll you know my style by now – primitive and wide cut. So last week when she asked me again and apologised because it would be needed by mid September I felt so badly for her that I said yes – I was not sure there was anyone else who would consider doing a commissioned piece that needed to be finished in about 4 weeks. So got the picture in the mail and drew it out and then agonised for days before I finally slapped myself and said START THIS RUG! It is sooooooo out of my comfort zone – more pictorial with very little colour. A primitive piece this size I would have had done in about 2 days but this piece hmmmmm. Well the church is done (it is supposed to look a bit more impressionistic and less realistic and precise –  yeahhh for that). Alllll the tombstones are done – road is in and now trees, grass, sky. Sky is light blue at the top fading to almost white – I have all the wool dyed up for that and the trees and grass. Just need to kick myself again! Here is a picture (in real life the shadows on the church actually do blend more and are much softer – all 8, 6 and hmmm could that be a 2 in there? what happens when you run your number 8 cut through your number 6 cut – you get what – 6 and 2??)

Just a reminder – my 20% off sale runs till Tuesday inclusive so please let me know if you need a kit – this sure is the time to buy! I will have a few ONLY with me at WAF on Sunday and very little wool as I have to squeeze 4 people into the car and all my stuff!!!! So no tent!(ohhhhhh pray for clear skies!).


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  1. Wendy Tremblay

    Cant wait to see it finished…consider yourself kicked! Its very very lovely!

  2. Deborah Robertson (Olde Forge - Ottawa)

    It looks great! I am wondering if it is The Blue Church on hwy 2 between Brockville and Prescott. Keep up the good work – love your blog! Deborah

  3. A most impressive piece Loretta- well worth the increased effort……………. I am sure the woman who commissioned the piece will find it very moving and meaningful. Truly a family heirloom to be cherished for life.

  4. Penelope Deering

    Loretta, you are soooo competent. It is going to be beautiful!

  5. Whoa! Stepping Out of the Box on this one, but looks like you are meeting the challenge. Can’t wait to see the finished rug, it looks beautiful so far!!


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