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Wellllll those wonderful Star Rug Company kits are almost all gone – Mr. Rapscallion, Matilda and Mr. Snow have found new homes! Remaining are ATHA Pumpkin and Halloween Stroll. So let me know if you are interested in one of these last 2 kits. I guess a lot of people are thinking FALL – cooler weather, colourful leaves, pumpkins, sunflowers, bittersweet – so these little patterns are perfect – fun and quick to hook up.

I am sooooo disappointed – a bunch of my friends are heading off to Madisson Boukville (hope that is the right spelling) for the weeklong antique show. Apparently this is THE hot spot in the Finger Lakes this week every year. Bigggg antique show and the townsfolk all jump on the bandwagon by holding a weeklong garage/junk/collectibles sale. Unfortunately if I had even thought of going I know what Gord would have been saying – DOES THAT MEAN I GET TO BUY NEW GOLF CLUBS? So no junking antiquing trip for me!

A friend of mine, Cindy, recently started making these wonderful hooks out of recycled spindles and beads. They feel great in the hand and are available at the moment in the shop or on line for $30.00:

Yesterday Andrea dropped by for a visit – she brought the pile of rugs she has finished off in the last few weeks! This woman is an amazingly prolific hooker – she uses a lot of yarns and alternative fibers in her rugs and zips even large rugs up in a few days. This is her latest Karla Gerard rug done all in yarns and sari silks:

Later in the afternoon Anne came for a visit – we spent a bit of time dyeing some wool to match an old dirty pink/salmon that she is using in her antique reproduction rug. I think! it came out perfectly after a bit of playing around with cardinal and bronze! Anne brought along a few pieces that she had finished including this tote bag. These are amazing little burlap bags that are laminated on the inside. As you can see they are really well made and AVAILABLE AT THE DOLLAR STORE FOR 2.00. I RARELY go to the dollar store but these are wonderful as you hook right through the burlap and laminated backing. You need a sharper fatter hook but when it is done (no hooking background) you have a great little tote bag. Granted – hooking with no frame can be a tad tedious but I think it is worth the work!

Anne also brought along her finished wool applique runner which turned out beautifully. She will be kitting this with the pattern for the store where she works when she goes back home in September:

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  1. I am so jealous of those who can hook quickly. While my speed has picked up a little, I find that I need to hook for three or four hours in order to pick up speed. While I have no trouble sitting, listening to audio books hooking for four hours at a go nothing else gets done including cooking. I think I could be quite obsessive about hooking hmmmmm. come to think about I’d LOVE to be obsessive about hooking.

    Thanks for beginning my day with a smile.

  2. Hi Trish dont know WHY we seem to think that when we are retired we have to be doing something ALLLL time time – I mean work i.e. cooking and cleaning! All my working life I was waiting for the days when I could just sit and read and hook. The “work” hmmm – that will get done – or not! I would much rather hook and dye wool!!!!! So enjoy those 4 hour obsessed respites!!!!!…

  3. Wendy Tremblay

    wonderful work girls…such creative souls!

  4. We had a challenge dyeing for my antique repro rug, but I knew Loretta could do it. She is “Wiley E. Coyote, Genius” when it comes to dyeing! She is so good at figuring out the recipe. Thanks again, Loretta.


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