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Every year at this time for the last hmmm 30 years approximately our friends from Guelph have come to visit. We have known their kids since before they were born! when they were hatchlings and now that they are grown up. Last year their son set me up with my blog. Yeah Mike! This year I thought to celebrate my first birthday (blog that is!) I would like to do something special so for the next 2 weeks (UNTIL AUGUST 21st INCLUSIVE) any kits (check my online store) that are IN STOCK (email me and I will let you know if the one(s) you are interested in are in stock) are being offered 20% off (well plus shipping). In addition, if you drop by the studio (AGAIN UNTIL AUGUST 21st INCLUSIVE) wool will be $5.00 a fat 8th (I am leaving today for 2 weeks 🙂 – no actually just 3 days). So call or email me to set up a visit and save big time!

I have organized a second primitive dye class  for Thursday October 25. See events for details and let me know if you are interested in joining the class – 2 spots are left.

I have been thinking fall again – is it because it has been sooooo hot and humid? and yesterday finally was such a beautiful cool day. So my 3 little punkins are done and now available as a kit (all 3 in one package) for $55.00. This includes pattern on linen, all the wool to hook, wool for the back of the punkins and instructions. You will need sticks and stuffing. They hook up and sew up in no time and will be a fun addition to your fall decorating. On the linen there is even room for a fourth punkin or a sunflower! Mine are shown in an antique berry basket but imagine them in an old wooden bowl filled with dried corn husks, orange berries!


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  1. Congratulations on your 1 year!
    Your blog has been exceptional, always an inspiration and not without its DRAMA!
    Thank you for the enrichment to our ART.

  2. HI PAT thank you for your comments over the past year – I must say I am surrounded by a community of amazingly creative ladies (and gentlemen) who inspire me every day…

  3. Congratulations Loretta and thank you Mike! I always look forward to your blog posts, they put a smile on my face. Nice pumpkins by the way…..even the ugly one :)….I may have to have them.

  4. Congratulations Loretta. I have enjoyed your blog over the past year, looking forward to more great info. Will have to stop by and see your studio soon. Sandi.

  5. Marie-Jeanne Bartleman.

    Happy birthday from a newcomer!
    Could you let me know where your studio is located;I am dying to see it

  6. I get email updates every time you update your blog, and I’m really enjoying it! I love your little hooked pumpkins!

  7. The Country Mouse

    Happy 1st Blog Baa-day!!!
    Bless ewe and your blog…may ewe both live long and prosper!!

  8. Just got back from Toronto and as always, look forward to your blog. Congratulations on your 1st year!! (that went rather quickly I must say) I’ve enjoyed each and every one and hope that there will be many more to come………..

  9. Happy birthday, blog…hope next year is as good as your first.

  10. Congratulations Loretta on the occasion of your first year BD of your blog. The charm and wisdom of your blog is well beyond 1 yr! I look forward to reading you always.

  11. Congratulations, Loretta! Keep on blogging….it is always a treat to see that you have added a new post. Thanks to you, I know how to rug hook and catch mice in the most friendly manner possible.


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