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Well a few bandages and 13 hours later we all managed to finish our mosaic glass pieces yesterday. Left here at 7:30 and got home at 8:40 and that would be a.m. to p.m.! But it was SOOOOO worth it. Donna and Karen joined Sandi, Diane and I yesterday. They had both already done the class but were so hooked they decided to do second pieces. And the next workshop is already arranged for September! So here are a few pictures of class in action and finished pieces:

Diane hard at work! Look Up Di!!!!

Sandi and Cindy consultingGlueing down the glass!

Donna gun in hand!

Ahhhh the dirty part – grouting!

Karen’s piece ungrouted.

Diane’s piece ungrouted.

Diane’s piece grouted – WHAT a difference the grouting made – they just popped after they were cleaned up.

Sandi’s piece grouted.

My piece grouted –  now Cindy let Sandi and I polish and polish and polish – half an hour later we were still polishing – arms were getting reallllly sore and Cindy laughed and told us we could have stopped 20 minutes earlier – but hmmm did look reallllly good and shiny!

Donna’s piece – grouted – she started and finished this piece YESTERDAY. As did Karen (well we left Karen with Cindy and hmmm not sure if she slept over!!!) All in all a fun fun day – Cindy you are amazing (well so were the rest of us but we should try to be humble!)

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  1. You guys are amazing! so beautiful… I want to do this 🙂

  2. I’m taking your holiday workshop in Picton BUT…………….. is there still room in the mosaic class in September ? How can we get info on that ?

    Nancy Lane

  3. Each project is stunning!

  4. I love these pieces! I haven’t done mosaic work in years, but now you’ve got me thinking about doing a piece for our cabin!

  5. The Country Mouse

    Each one a masterpiece…the stained glass mosaics, I mean!!

    Each hooker, a ‘work of art’…x-tra special creative souls whom I’m happy to call, friends!!

  6. My goodness these are so beautiful!! What a talented group and obviously a wonderful instructor. No end to your creative talents- so inspiring! Congratulations.

    Laurie (McRae) Demers

  7. Wow, Loretta….are you teaching this as well????

  8. Love these! I have lots of glass scraps from stained glass work and have done a little bit of mosaic work. I just recently acquired an old wooden pane window. Have been looking for inspiration to put it to use. I’d LOVE to give this a try!
    This is probably one of those stupid questions, but do you work over top of the window glass or remove it?

  9. Chantale Grandmont

    Wonderfull work ladies!
    I’m info crafts, and I even collecter 5 old windows and wanted to do something similar. What glue are you using and what type or grout ?
    You mention polishing, when do youpolish it? After the grout bas dried out? With special polishing paste?
    Lots or questions I know, but I found inspiration looking to your pictures!
    Regards, Chantale 🙂

  10. Okay Ladies where is this class? I’m in California.

  11. What type of grout do you use?
    Thank you!

  12. What kind of gun and glue do you use?


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