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Who would have thought that the sound of pitter patter on the roof would make me sooooo excited. Woke up this morning – it was a cool night so I had left doors and windows open – to the sound of rain. Finally after about 2 months – REAL RAIN! That saturated the earth, filled up the depleted pond, watered my dead gardens, filled empty birdbaths and soothed my soul. I had taken to recycling dishwater to water flower pots (in the country even on a lake you do not waste water because when a well runs dry it costs $$$). It came down lightly and then reallllly heavily this afternoon and now seems to be finished (hope it rains again allllll night long). The house is horrifically humid but the windows and doors will stay open and I will soak up the moisture.

On Monday I got my latest copy of Primitive Quilts and Projects and there was the cutest pumpkin and cat hooked pattern in the magazine called Jack and the Cat designed by Melanie Pinney of American Pie Designs. Had to hook it, stitch it together and stuff it right away (I did however change colours a bit). It is a 3 dimensional piece or a pillow (although those spikey whiskers might jab a bit!). Here it is (click on the picture to enlarge it if you want to see it better):

This will be available in limited quantity along with the magazine as a kit at Country Quarter Quilt store in Napanee. So contact Marg at if you are interested in ordering a kit and magazine or drop by the store AFTER this Friday.

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  1. Adorable!
    So much movement and expression you’ve captured with just the right choice of colours.


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