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or not Two Dye.  So if you think you might like to try some beautiful easy 2 colour formulas using I believe 26 Cushings Dyes that work up really nicely you can contact Sue at I have ordered the dye books that I need so hmmm there may be some left! Unfortunately the swatches are no more but there is a colour chart in the book which is very very close to the actual swatches and a good reference. So thank you! to everyone who emailed me with possible ways of finding Sue and the dye book!

I don’t think I mentioned that I am taking part in a challenge with Kathy (of Briarwood Folk Art) and Theresa. We have a pattern that is based on an antique rug and we are each interpreting it in our own way with the ultimate goal being to make it as old looking as possible – as if it had been hooked in the 1800’s and walked on for 100 years (well that is MY goal anyway). I may put mine on the floor occasionally to get that authentic walked on by dirty boots, lied on by cats, hairball spotted look. So YES Kathy I have started! Flowers are done and on to the beer cans!

My family additions (all 3 of them) have flown the coop. It amazes me how quickly little birds grow up – a week and a half ago they had barely any feathers on their heads and looked like little punkin seeds hanging over the edge of the nest and Monday they were all out of the nest on the window ledge and yesterday they were gone! Well when I went to let the cats out on the porch I checked first and yes one of the babies was on the porch floor so cats stayed indoors (that would have been a tasty little morsel!). I made Gord get  up, don rubber gloves to help me put the little tyke back in the nest and didn’t he fly off (the bird – not Gord). This all happened at 5:30 in the morning – needless to say Gord was a tad unhappy about the early wakeup call. But by afternoon all 3 of them were gone! So now to remove the nest and all the little droppings!

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  1. Please reserve a copy of the dye book for me, if possible.
    Am looking forward to your progress in the challenge….

  2. I’m glad Sue Hoss contacted you. I found her by searching through her web site – the contact me page still worked. I contacted her, ordered the book, and offered to comment back here to spread the word, but I also gave her the link to your blog so she could contact you herself. Glad the word is out. I’m definitely looking forward to trying her simple dyes. Thanks for getting the ball rolling by recommending the book. … jan

    • Hi Jan Thank you – dont you just love it when something wonderfully simple works so well. Hope you enjoy the book and formulas as much as I did… and yes I ordered 6 books so if anyone else out there is interested – contact Sue quickly!!!!….


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