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Soooo the other day I mentioned I had been doing some dyeing from a book loaned to me by a friend. The book is WONDERFUL but I can find no way of contacting Sue Hoss to see if she is still offering this dye book for sale. Her website seems to be under construction so if anyone knows Sue or how to contact her please let me know as I reallllly like the simplicity of this dye book – each formula consists of only 2 colours making mixing colours soooooo easy and the colours come out exactly as indicated. I picked some of the brighter colours to add to my usual dirty duller more antique colours (not everyone loves dirty!). Here you can see some of the colours in the dye book and some that I did over the last few days (interspersed OF COURSE with my own older colours)…

This week will be busy busy busy. Tomorrow a few of my old hooking friends (not age but years of hooking together) are coming over to play. Gord is escaping to golf! Coward! Usually he hangs around in anticipation of being fed but tomorrow is a brown bag day so I guess there was not much incentive!!! Then on Thursday I will be at Karen Kaisers hookin in Belleville with wool and patterns and Saturday is the Art show at Chaffey’s Locks on the lawns of the Opinicon hotel (all part of the Rideau Canal System). This is a beautiful location and a really nice show but the best thing is that this year I am surrounded by old friends with their art – Wendy and hubby Vince and daughter Patrice with primitive birdhouses and fiber arts; Donna with her folk art carvings and Louise with her beach bags. So if I sell not a thing!!!! I will at least have a fun day with friends – oh oh better leave my wallet at home! So if you get a chance visit this wonderful one day show next Saturday the 28th from 9 – 4. Enjoy the locks and the gardens and the artists.


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  1. I forgot that I had that dye book. thanks for reminding me! Your week sounds wonderful. I will get there next year to these shows. This year is just not in the cards…have a super time!

  2. I would love to get a copy of that book, if you find out any info, please let me know. I dye my own wool to do wool applique and would love to know how to get a deep dark red.

  3. These are gorgeous colours and since I don’t do my own dyeing, you’ve just added to my ever-growing must-have list.


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