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The heat and humidity the last few days have been so awful. I have been spending a lot of time indoors – AC is sooooo wonderful! But the jobs around the property are not getting done as a result so Tuesday I decided to stain steps that Gord had sanded down. The staining is actually something I enjoy – very methodical and quick but oh my I was barely breathing by the time I was done! I think Tuesday with humidity it was supposed to feel like 109 F and hmmm I CAN ATTEST TO THE FACT THAT IT DID! But it felt sooo good to finally get a job done. Today another set of stairs is being sanded and I will finish them and then one last set of stairs (whose idea was it anyway to put 3 sets of steps to the front and back yard?).

So to reward myself for a job well (and finally) done yesterday we took off to the states. Had to pick up a parcel and hmmm junk a bit! I found a wonderful shelf for my kitchen at Old Jail Antiques – needs a bit of fixing up and cleaning up but I love the old patina. Then we decided to head to downtown Watertown. It is so sad to see another “city center” that is dieing as a result of the big box stores. There are some beautiful old interesting buildings in Watertown – with an injection of funds and some good planning this could be a wonderful downtown area but many of the stores are closed and there was not a lot of action. Did manage to find a lovely art store where Gord insisted! I buy a necklace (I do not wear a lot of jewellery so spending money on it really frustrates me but this was soooo funky and ridiculously inexpensive!). Saw some wonderful pottery in the shop as well but hmmm NEED TO STOP THAT!

Then we were told about the farmers market and another little antique shop just up the street – farmers market runs every Wednesday till 3 and looked like a lot of fun (for another time) because hmmmm the antique store of course was the real draw! AND OH MY GOD they have wonderful smalls and very very good prices. Saw so many things that would appeal to rughookers as bases or containers for hooked rugs – carriers with original wonderful paint, firkins with original paint, shelves, stools, tables. Pieces that here in Canada would sell for 2 – 3 times the price! and in excellent shape and THEY WILL DICKER! I love to dicker! but unfortunately we had run out of cash and they did not take credit cards so I will just have to go back another day. The store (for those of you up for a little antiquing is Art to Antiques in the little Paddock mall). I was also told they have ANOTHER BIGGER shop called Turn Back Time in 3 Mile Bay. Soooooo will have to plan a trip down soon with lots of cash and an empty car! πŸ™‚

Have been hooking a bit – trying to get pieces ready for my Hooking for the Holidays class in Picton at Rosehaven Farm Store in September (check events if you are interested). Hooked up a little 3 D snowman the other day – I think he is quite cute and hmmm can be hooked and finished in a few hours!

My friend Anne (from Chicago) loaned me a dye book the other day and it is full of wonderful formulas that only use 2 dyes. Sooooo simple compared to some formulas that require 5 and sometimes more dyes and the colours are lovely. I will be dyeing up a few of the colours today (in between staining steps and making kits and cleaning the house and and and) and will post a few pix tomorrow of the colours. Unfortunately I cannot seem to find the dye book on line anymore but will do a bit of research today to see if it is still available and if so will post details. Enjoy this wonderful humidity free day…

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  1. Curious as to the name of the dye book you used. I love to dye but anything to simplify the process

    • The dye book I borrowed is Two Dye or Not Two Dye (I have a ton of other dye books but this one is one of the simplest using only 26 cushings dyes in each formula – now let me specify as my husband did not understand – she uses 26 different cushings dyes but only 2 of these in each formula). So for VERRYYYY easy and colours come out almost spot on! The book is by Sue Hoss but her website seems to be down for construction. Like you I love to dye wool but this makes it so much simpler than the formulas that mix 5 dyes together! I am not sure if there is a way of contacting Sue.

  2. Love the different ‘tones’ in your snowguy. He almost shimmers…..have you combined yarn and yardage?

  3. Would love to go ” junking” with you sometime. I have no o agitation when itco es to this art.
    Sorry to hear that heat is sooooo horrid in Ontario just now. Not looking forward to getting back to that. Our warmest day here in Iceland has been 19 C

    Love reading the blog

  4. Leaving messages from an I pad is frought with too many spelling errors. What I meant was I have no imagination when it comes to the art form of ” junking”

  5. A kindred spirit for antiquing! Will definitely head to Watertown.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Oh no!!!! now i have shared my favourite spots and all my good little antiques will be gone πŸ™‚ Actually have fun! there are a lot more places in the area that I have forgotten the names of!!! There is a wonderful place south of Syracuse in jamesville called Colonial Housefitters. They have a lot of wonderful bigger furniture and a lot of smalls – very primitive stuff that I love! Cannot wait to hear my fathers comments on my new shelf!!!! hmmm usually it is “where did you get that piece of junk?”.


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