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Yesterday my friends Diane and Sandi and my sister Betty and I took a class with one of my studio tour guest artists – Cindy Laneville – on mosaic glass. Had a wonderful day playing with little bits of glass (only one bloody cut that required a bandage!). Wore regular or safety glasses because Betty kept popping bits of glass all over the studio! Ate an amazing meal (Cindy is a gourmet cook – no boxed meals from Costco at her place!) and hmmm did not finish our pieces. Did we talk too much or was it because we are all overachievers and decided to do either huge or really complex pieces! So that means a second day at Cindy’s (how sad!!!!). Cindy as a super hostess and wonderful teacher and a prolific mosaic glass artist (she will be back for our fall tour Thanksgiving weekend). Here are pix of our unfinished pieces:

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  1. Wow….. Outstanding girls! Can’t wait to see the finished product. Isn’t Cindy great. (When I did my piece I couldn’t decide which one I liked best, the lunch or the class!) Looking forward to another class with her. Already have my window:) Just need a date now.

  2. Wow, they look terrific, Loretta!!!

  3. yes they are pretty darned good arent they!!! 🙂

  4. These are all gorgeous! I have many questions about the process as I’ve never seen it done this way. Is the glass removed from the frame and then fired? You have really “fired up” my interest in Cindy and her work. Fascinating.

    • Hi Linda Ohhh it is actually very easy You leave the glass in the frame or replace it if you are using an old frame and glass is broken or missing. Then you draw your design on the BACK of the glass and cut your glass pieces to the shapes of the motifs and then you glue them down. Once they are glued (a special glue that does not set until you light it up with some sort of UV light you grout it so it fills in all the spaces where glass is missing with grout (or you can leave it ungrouted). My friend Diane is probably going to go back to finish off her piece on July 28 – from Montreal it is about a 2 hour drive (Diane lives in St Lazare). A smaller piece would have been finished in one day but hmmmm i think we may all have been a tad overambitions!

  5. The Country Mouse




  6. For first pieces these are very ambitious! The are wonderful! Kathy

  7. Hi Loretta – wow they are fabulous !! I sooo want to try this too !!! jane

  8. Impressive I’d say! all are beautiful pieces. I,love them all

  9. those are absolutely amazing! I love them all….i see some Karla there – are those yours? I have always wanted to do stained glass but this is something i have also wanted to do…Cindy is in Winchester. My cousin lives there. Does Cindy need a set number of people? You are such a busy bee Loretta! XO Joni


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