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I cannot believe almost a week has gone by again and hmmm what have I done. Well – my friend Anne (from Chicago!) loaned me her ATHA newsletters and I have been spending hours perusing and enjoying them. Have been working hard in the gardens trying to salvage something from the damage done by Momma deer and her fawn (they seem to be living in the woods between our place and our neighbours – have caught momma in the gardens in the middle of the day and 2 days ago she was in the garden with her baby pointing out all the delectables!) and cleaning up bird poo (our phoebes have hatched! cute little beaks that look like punkin seeds peering over the edge of the nest – a guarantee of piles of poo to come!). OHHHH and I finished a rug. This was one I started at the quilt show on Saturday – had it finished and bound on Monday. What a fun fun piece to hook – had to order more patterns from Maria at Star Rug Company so they should be here in the shop soon. Last night at midnight Diane and hubby Bill arrived from Montreal – I think today may be a junkin morning and tomorrow we are off to take a stained glass mosaic class. Will be a fun fun weekend.

Yup there used to be leaves on those Hostas and the Sedum was hmm a foot taller!!!!


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  1. Hi Loretta, sorry about the damage to your plants!! The eco system isn’t always friendly 😦
    Your rug looks fantastic. Just love the aged colour composition.

    Laurie (McRae) Demers

    • Hi Laurie ohhhh if you saw the rest of the gardens – not just the fault of the deer but hmmm but also the lazy gardener and the drought! So I am not worried – just wish I could train her to pull weeds instead!…


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