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was such fun. What a great location – the Wellington Community Center. Lots of wonderful quilts and vendors. I shared a booth with the Country Quarter – a great little primitive quilt shop in Napanee. The owner, Marg, is a kindred spirit – she loves old looking quilt fabrics, wool and junking! Across from me was Rosehaven Farm – THE best yarn and fiber shop in the county! (well Eastern Ontario!). Across from me Taylor Sewing Center and behind us Wilton Creek Quilt Store from Harrowsmith. Heartworks down at the end of the aisle, Kallisti (Michelle has amazing Japanese quilt fabrics), Anita with her wonderful threads and on and on! I spent the weekend hooking and talking to people about rughooking (well and selling some wool and kits!!! :-)) Diagonally across from me Karen Kaiser was also hooking and demonstrating and selling her beautiful wools. It was a great weekend – the only drawback was the HUMIDITY. I think because the building is fairly new the concrete is still giving off a lot of moisture and holy cow – my hair – which is already pretty darn curly – looked like corkscrews sticking out in every direction but the one I wanted them in. By the end of the day all I could think of was a shower!!!! Here are some pix of some of my favourite quilts and my booth and Karen’s. I will be vending at Karen’s hookin at her studio July 26. Should be a lot of fun.


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  1. The Country Mouse

    OMG…I want EVERYTHING!!!
    How I wish these fabu-mouse events took place in the fall…for those of us who are hot weather wimps!
    Thanks, Loretta, for permitting me to live vicariously through your pics.


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