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WOW yesterday we took our weekend guests to ARTFEST in Kingston. This new show replaces Fanfayr which was around for 29 years and retired last fall. Artfest is held at City Park in Kingston and is a wonderful show! I had done Fanfayr for about 6 years and decided this year to take a break from some of the 3 day shows that conflicted with guests on long weekends BUT I must say Artfest is a wonderful show to visit. If you have nothing on today and are close to Kingston check it out. Lovely location, wonderful vendors… I may have to do Artfest next year!!!! as an artist again rather than as a buyer (oh yes did buy!!!!).

Have been dying up some wonderful brighter wools (great for the Karla Gerard patterns and for Alana Kapell’s patterns). Will post pix of some of these tomorrow and some of the formulas (assuming I remember these as boy I have really played to get these brights as most of my dye books and my own formulas are hmmm dirtier! and duller! colours!!!

Hope you are enjoying this amazing weekend – wonderful warm temperature during the day with little humidity and nice cooooool nights! This morning the heron was sitting on the canopy on the dock, turtle heads were popping out of the water and the loons were out with fish in their beaks! There HAS to be a primitive rug in there somewhere!!!


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  1. Thanks for the blog and your compliments on ARTFEST-KINGSTON. Your shoreline menagerie ….”doin’ what comes naturally!” and,how pastoral…………..a rug, indeed!

  2. Trish Strung

    Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Sounds like I should be going there next Canada Day. It sounds fabulous


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