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Wellllll it appears my knowledge of wildlife is somewhat lacking!!! What I thought was a lone otter in fact turns out to be a MUSKRAT! Did you know that a muskrat is actually (and I quote) “a giant field mouse that has traded meadows for marshes.” Given my experiences with MICE how appropriate that the little guy in the water with the nice long tail turned out to be a darn big water loving mouse! As we sat on the dock yesterday morning I was soooooo excited to see Mr. Otter swimming rapidly towards us – of course when my eyes adjusted to the sunlight glaring off the water (can I blame that for my wrong impression of what this was!) it turned out it was  a short stumpy muskrat! After doing a bit of research on the internet I found that that tail sticks up out of the water when they float to eat! Hope at least he is eating all the weeds in the water!!!!

On another note our deer (have I told you how much I love my deer!!!) have been making the rounds of their salad bar – i.e. my GARDENS! Hostas are disappearing overnight – one that was about 3 feet across is now only stems – not a leaf in sight! Every bud on my daylilies is gone! The tops of all my rudbeckia – gone! The tips of all the cannas – gone!


Ahhhhh country life! Monday I spent a day at my friend France’s beautiful log home hooking with her and Trish – thought you might enjoy pix of the progress on their rugs. Today it is off to Desert Lake to Anne’s for more hooking (however this morning I WILLLLL do windows – cannot have TOO many days of fun and no work!).


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  1. Loretta,
    Hope that muskrat stays in the water, mice aren’t half bad considering the alternatives!!

  2. Yes so do I – would not want him in my basement!!!!

  3. I am sorry, Loretta, but you gave me a good chuckle this morning….ah yes, windows, I am slowly doing mine as well in between everything else….:-(((


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