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on the lake. Sat on the dock this morning drinking my coffee, reading the last article in RHM, reading my newest book Snow Flower and the Secret Fan and finishing off the showbinding on my latest Karla Gerard. And of course being entertained by our resident otter who has been hanging about our shoreline for weeks now (was not sure until today whether it was a beaver or otter but that long skinny tail and whiskery face chewing on fish answered the question!!!). So now that Bird in a Blooming Tree is finished I can move on to finishing my sheep (mini) rug and starting (or rather restarting since I totally changed the colour plan) my geometric. This is the start of my little sheep landscape:

A few days ago I attended a wonderful hookin at Linda Heatherington’s beautiful home. Last summer I posted pix of her gardens – this year they were crowded with 40 hookers! It was a hot day but there was a nice breeze and when things got too warm outside we could escape indoors for some relief (or as in my case – goodies!!!!). Some of the ladies who attended were from the Limestone Loopers and Harrowsmith group and then there were a few random additions! On the way to Linda’s Gord and I rescued 2 baby racoons from certain death on the highway. Had to wrap them in our beachtowel and carry them up into the woods where hopefully Momma racoon would find them. They were snarly little devils but so cute.

Yesterday I taught at Rosehaven Farm Store in Picton. My class – appropriately – was adding texture to your hooked rugs (visual and tactile) and what better place than an amazing fiber arts store full of gorgeous wools and yarns for knitting or hooking along with other fibers. My next class there will be in September – Hooking for the Holidays!

Well off to the dock to resume my wonderful relaxing (husband free!) day – no guilt feelings about not cleaning windows or house! Just hooking and reading … ahhhhh life is good!!!!

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  1. Love the geometric. so envious of the garden hook in! Hooking at France’s place

    • Ohhh I have to admit – that geometric was not my rug!!! however it is the same pattern I am hooking taken in a class with Carol Shewan (although oh oh Carol I am changing it a bit to accomodate my 8.5 cut!!!! :-))

  2. Oh, Loretta, you are “perpetual movement”…and I see the movement in even your little sheep mat with your choice of colours and placements.
    ….as to the snarly baby raccoons-has it crossed your mind that maybe-just maybe they were running away from home and you messed up their plans……..!
    Thanks for the pictures and the updates…….

    • Welllll had I had a cage in the car and been on my way HOME those little babies would have come with me! they totally calmed down once they were wrapped in swaddling! (beach towel) But I hope momma was still around!!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the great instruction yesterday! I thoroughly enjoyed it. And hope to be available in September for your class on Hooking for the Holidays.

  4. I finally put my specs on and had a better look at the photos. O my I love the pineapple.. Things have an odd way of looking clearer when one puts the read era on the face!

  5. Good for you, we all need a relaxing day like you are having. I just finished reading Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, great book. Having been to China to visit my daughter-in-law before she immigrated to Canada to be with her husband (my son) I have to say a lot of the things that happen to the ladies in the book continue today in the rural areas. Working a door decoration for Canada Day. If I finish it on time I will send you a pictures.

    • Hi Sandi It is a hard book to put down – just spent 3 hours on the dock reading a chapter, hooking a few rows, reading a chapter, hooking a few rows ran out of wool so had to read 2 chapters!!!! I cannot believe that binding of feet continued into the 50’s and later in some of the more rural areas. Cannot wait to see your door dec!!!….


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