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Well for me it IS bright!!!! I spent a good part of last week dyeing bright Karla Gerard colours for a friend who is hooking 3 Karla rugs. If you have ever been to my studio you would realise that brights are usually not on my shelves! I love old and dirty. So the brights were a challenge – but a lot of fun. Not sure if I can ever replicate them again exactly as I eyeball dyed them and did not keep records – kind of hard when you are adding a touch of this or a touch of that to get exactly the colour you are looking for. How does TOUCH translate into a dyeing formula. Once the colours were all done and piled on the rugs to be I realised they looked lovely and hmmm I needed to try a brighter rug. So pulled out a Karla pattern that I thought would be fun – Bird in a Blooming Tree – and colours for the rug. I was going to use hot pinks, chartreuse, bright yellows, bright blues. I had GOOD intentions! Until I started actually hooking… all the really brights came out and the dirtier brights went in! Even blue!!! For a change though instead of black I used a new dark teal stripe background I have in stock and I love the way it works with the teals in the sky and makes my dirtier brights pop. So I tried!!!! but hmmm may have fallen off that bright track a bit. ¬†Because I hooked it in an 8.5 I had to cut out some of the details. But it was a fun piece to hook and I consider it my BRIGHT rug!

Hooked most of the rug this weekend at Upper Canada Village Fantastic Fibers weekend. It was a slower weekend than anticipated for the vendors because everyone of course was coming for the village. But I had fun – hooked all weekend (had I stayed home I would have been doing windows and staining the house so…), talked a lot about rughooking and hmmm may have converted a few people!!! Plus I realised that it had been over 30 years since I was last at UCV and it is a WONDERFUL venue. Gord got to visit the village on Sunday (I drew the line at the biplane ride but did let him golf and play tourist) and we will go back towards fall when it is cooler and I can spend the entire day enjoying the displays. They do have a lot of different events going on so may have to plan our visit for one of those weekends.

I thought I would include a picture of our newest addition to the house! We have a Phoebe (type of bird I think possibly in the swallow family) who is on her second batch of eggs! She built one house above a bedroom window and then about a week ago decided to move onto the front porch but could not decide on which window ledge to build her nest. So she tried out 3 and made a BIG MESS! Finally she decided on this window and built her nest – with an attached porch (or Gord is hoping it is the outhouse cause those babies do a lot of pooping!). She made her nest out of moss – FROM MY MOSS GARDEN which is no longer a moss garden as that is 2 times she has found her building supplies there!

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  1. Penelope Deering

    What a sweet rug Loretta. It is BRIGHT!! Lovely.

  2. Love your new rug. I see a little Modern Magdalena (hybrid lollipop tree) and Klimpt influences in this. Interesting piece.

  3. Wendy Tremblay

    your dyeing sounds a lot like Memere’s cooking, a touch of this and a pinch of that….so glad you stepped out of your box and saw some brights lights… although I love it when your dirty too-oops, that didnt sound right! Anyway it is a sweet folky rug and I love it-two rugs to finish and I am starting a Karla pattern!

  4. Just love the colors Loretta…especially the background !
    Carol in Az


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