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Ahhhhh a weekend on the lake spent hooking with friends, eating tooooo much, sleeping tooo little (there was a robin who kept flying into the window over and over and over – I think it had knocked a few cells loose!), laughing till we almost … will let your imagination wander there!!!  What happens at Lac Sam stays at Lac Sam became the motto of the weekend so no secrets divulged. We calculated that this was our hmmm 4th or 5th visit to Louise’s cottage and the weekends just fly by so quickly. Weather was wonderful – not that we would have noticed! Although Linda did immerse herself fully clothed in the lake which was very brave because the water was FREEZING! (ohhh was that a secret?). Here are pix of some of the pieces being worked on this weekend – I actually FINISHED my Maud Lewis rug – well it still needs pressing and clean up and embellishing!)…

On the way a few of us were sidetracked to the antique store outside Smith’s Falls – Butchers – where we hmmm spent a few hours and a few dollars after kicking the owner in the shins a few times – or so he put it every time we would complain about the high price on items and ask for a “deal”. I asked him to roll up his pant legs and show us his bruises cause we were not getting much of a reduction! However!!!! we did leave with a few treasures – bases for pinkeeps, wonderful hook rack and egg crate andddd I got a vintage thread holder – has wonderful colour if you can see below all the dust and dead bugs (there is a little mummified body in the bottom of the box that I will have to get Gord to vac out!). Plus I got some old porcelain ceiling fixtures which will make WONDERFUL heavy funky bases for 3D Christmas trees and Santas!

Came home and hadn’t Gord (who warned me prior to my leaving on Friday to NOT BUY ANYMORE JUNK – needless to say I did not buy JUNK!) gone to the fleamarket in Crosby and bought me an old picture frame that is wonderful! He was sooooo proud of his purchase – ahhhh he TOO is now a confirmed junker! although he did blame his purchase on Vince who DRAGGED HIM TO THE FLEAMARKET! Yeahhhhh Vince!

On the way home Sandi and I did our good deed for the weekend – stopped and rescued a baby turtle that was trying to cross the highway! There were a bunch of others that had not made it! and that would also have been this little guys fate. But hmmmm where to let him/her go – no water! just tall grasses and a bit of swampland. So held him over a plastic bag (which was good cause he peed copiously!!!!!!) until we got to our lake where we stopped and at the swampy end popped him into the water where he swam off without a backward glance!

Well off to work – this coming weekend I will be part of the fiberarts/quilt show at Upper Canada Village ( So lots to do to prepare for the show…


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