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Had our first boat ride last night – that always makes me feel like summer has arrived (although it was a tad chilly even wrapped up in Gord’s sweatshirt!). We finally got the dock fully in last week – lake was too high this year with all the rain! – and got our new old fogies boat last night (pontoon – not speed – no more wakeboarding! and waterskiing! – just maybe a little slow tubing!). It is wonderful – bright yellow and black with lots of room to move about, big lounging chairs and a bar fridge – make that portable cooler! 🙂  We took her out for a 1 1/2 hour tour! It was super. I think all the animals on the lake came out to check out this bigggg yellow thing that floats almost on the surface.  Seems to be much less intimidating for them than the old speed boat. We had 2 otters gambolling (isn’t that a great word!) about 15 feet away from the boat; had to stop and listen to what sounded like hundreds of song birds by the big cliff; watched the bald eagle momma and her baby in the nest; had a butterfly the size of a swallow come visit us (must have thought we were some honkin big yellow flower – we are BRIGHT!); played with a loon – have never ever been that close to a loon. We stopped the motor and it dove under the boat about 3 times and came up right beside the boat. I always knew these were beautiful water birds but oh when you are that close they are even more amazing and HUGE! Watched the fish jumping right out of the water! And finally came home to a mallard sitting on the dock waiting for us! So do I need to hook a rug called Wolfe Lake Vignettes? Can I do it wide cut and primitive? I did do a small rug of our cottage years ago with all the critters – raccoon and water snake and fish and snapping turtle and deer eating hostas. It was a small piece – not exactly a piece of art !!! – but fun.

So on Monday I had a dye class with Deb and she brought her beautiful bigggggg rug to dye wool for. It is only her second piece and Gord thought it was a bed rug – it really is huge for a second piece but well on its way. While she was here Deb showed me how she sorts her wools for her rug and I thought this was just ingenious. Linda H. had shown her how to do it. I do remember years ago reading about this on Padula but hmmm never actually saw one in action. It is made out of our Canadian milk bags – cleaned and stapled together and folded in so that they can be filled with wool and flatten down like an accordion for transport and storage! It is brilliant – now if I only liked milk I could make one of these up but hmmm takes us 2 weeks to get through 3 bags! But I will start saving up because it is definitely a winner!


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  1. Hi Loretta!, ,,I use zip lock bags they work really well and there is a constant supply of all sizes for you to choose from! Thanks for sharing the pics of rugs from the annual!

  2. OHHHH Judith that might work for me – the non milk drinker!!!! Do you staple them together as well so they can stand up?

  3. This morning’s OTTAWA CITIZEN noted the arrival of some Swallowtail Butterflies in Ottawa, about 2 years before they were expected as their selected habitat has been gradually expanding farther north. Swallowtails are huge..maybe that’s what landed on you.
    Thanks for your pictures from the Annual!

  4. Hey, that accordian milk bag thing is ingenious, but why wouldnt it be even more ingenious with medium sized zip locks stapled together….with zips open they would flatten too…plus have the added safety of zip…and easier to buy, since like you, I don’t buy milk in bags 🙂


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