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These are the last of the pictures I was able to take. As I went around I quickly snapped pix thinking I would come back later to take a few more but hmmm those Made in C batteries just do not last more than about 3 pix. There were so many more wonderful rugs but I know there are other bloggers who were at the show who will be posting pictures so if you check them out you will probably see the ones I missed!

Alana has been working hard on hooking up all her designs. Here is the latest one she finished – this pattern is available in 15 x 15 on primitive linen for $30.00.

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  1. Trish Strung

    thanks for all these photos. They are simply inspiring.

  2. Hi Trish yes they were inspiring – cannot say there was one rug i did not like. Now there were a few by one person that really intrigued me and I will have to study her unique style
    Next year I hope you have some of yours in the show – or at least the following year (show will be in toronto in 2014!!!)…


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