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Whew this past week has been such fun – I got to hook, create and GO JUNKING 3 times! Found some more amazing pieces in the last few days that I will share another day but yesterday’s trip to the junk store in the states started off a little scary when we were pulled aside going INTO the states and told to report inside! Oh God – what did we do? why were we being targeted… Was this going to be a strip search 😦 Anyway once we got inside the border guards were very nice and actually joked about the green fuzzy muffin that Gord supposedly had forgotten in his golf bag in the trunk – only to realise once we went to put groceries in the trunk that there was no golf bag! it was at home! They must have thought he was a bit daft! Anyway turns out it was a day they were randomly pulling people over for a check of documents etc. and car! Amazing though what starts to run through your mind and how the heart starts racing …

So here are a few more pix of the rugs from the show last weekend:

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  1. Trish Strung

    Wow! Wow! wow!These things are gob smackingly gorgeous. Wow!

  2. Thanks for posting these pics, Loretta…I honestly don’t remember seeing a lot of these but I do remember the last one….there is so much to see and it is hard to remember it all. Beautiful!!

  3. I’m late getting to look at these as we were on a holiday the past two weeks.
    What a beautiful collection to see! Love that I can enlarge your pics to study them in closely!

  4. Hi Jane Like you I love to enlarge the pix as then i can look at them reallllly closely to really enjoy them… glad you liked the show…Loretta


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