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Oh yesterday we had such fun – Wendy came over and she and I and Sandi and Diane created all day. Wendy is one of the most creative people I know – give her a piece of junk and she turns it into a piece of beauty! Today it is back to the junk man to pick up the bedframe for the garden – but hmmm guess we should have thought this one through a bit more as I don’t think it WILL FIT ANY OF THE CARS! So we are bringing the trailer along – could that possibly mean –  MORE ROOM !!! for more junk!!! Was this PLANNED!!!

Here are a few more cleaned up (somehow my photos always come out cockeyed – I wonder if I have one leg shorter than the other!!!) photos of rugs from this past weekend:

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  1. Who did the playful frog rug? It is cute. Love all these creations. Now if I could just get some of my gardening done so that I could get back to my hooking!

  2. hmmmmm…what are you guys up to!!!

  3. hohoho Julie – as Wendy would say – if I told you I would have to kill you!!!!!! 🙂 guess????

  4. Ohhhhhhh! The wonderful fish and lure……and the Arte Nouveau??? get my vote…Pat


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