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But I do have an excuse – getting ready for the OHCG Annual in North Bay. Now North Bay is a 5 hour drive from where I live – have not been there in hmmmmm 30+ years! Back then it was a smaller town! of course back then everything was smaller! I was a vendor for the first time at an annual – panicccccc big time as I had no idea what to expect as a vendor. I have  only ever attended as a buyer! a BIG buyer! So off we trotted on Friday morning with an SUV so packed that we could not see out the back window – hmmmm might have overdone it a bit! I think there were about 16+ vendors!!! I realised I was a very little fish in a very big pond 🙂 So in between sales what did I do – yup you guessed it – I went and bought from most of the other vendors! But I had a wonderful weekend. Reconnected with so many people I had not seen in years, got to talk rughooking allllll day long with people who know this is not the “traditional” hooking i.e. latchhooking (yup I get that comment so often!). Got to spend an evening with the girls eating way too much and hooking and the drive was wonderful although we did not spot any moose (my neck on the way home last night was getting rather sore from peering into every swampy wetland area we drove by looking for the elusive moose!)

The theme of this show was All about Bugs and let me tell you – NORTH BAY HAS ITS SHARE! The blackflies are the size of swallows and swarm! I had forgotten how bad they can be – big hunks of flesh removed, blood flowing freely. But the bug rug display was fabulous and fun. So I am going to post a few pix every day for the next few days – a feast for the eyes. Enjoy!


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  1. Great! I’ve been anxious to see how folks interpreted the challenge.
    There’s been fun in framing for presentation.
    A lot of lovely work!

  2. Great photos. There is loads of room for creativity with a bug theme in Canada!

  3. Great photos of BUG RUGS Loretta!Thanks for posting!


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