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Today our tour starts – 10 – 5. These are pix of a few of my other artists – Wendo our felter (check out the grinning sheep!!!), Cindy our mosaic artist and Janet our weaver. Oh will I make it through the weekend without buying – hmmm not sure I will make it through the DAY!!!… Oh and just a little update on the mouse explosion – we drove the little mouse to Australia yesterday (well for him it probably was like going to the other end of the world) and!!! NO MOUSE THIS MORNING OR LAST NIGHT OR DURING THE NIGHT! sooooo that little guy was heading right back into the house everytime we let him(her) go! So hopefully this is the end – well at least for the week or 2 it takes for him to make it back…

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  1. have a great time Loretta! EVERYTHING looks wonderful and very tempting. I am on the beach in Maine right now and hoping to get some serious hooking done! have a very successful weekend and lots of fun!!

  2. ENJOYYYYYYYY i am sooo envious! but at least part of my dock is in and soon maybe the lake level will go down a bit and we can put in the rest and sit on the dock with coffee in hand in the morning! and then on the pontoon boat!!!!! hope to see you soon…loretta

  3. Wow, these are wonderful! I hope we can make it:)

  4. Trish strung

    Beautiful. Enjoy the tour. Wish I could be there

  5. What wonderful textures, colours, messages……and artistry!
    You have an ACE of a weekend up your sleeves……..hope there are clouds of people.

    Hope the mouse doesn’t return…….with a new friend. How do you live-trap a kangaroo?


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