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Can it really be almost a week since I last posted? But it has been a busy busy week!!! 2 day fun Red Trillium Studio Tour in Carp last weekend and then this week emptying the living room in anticipation of my 5 guest artists arriving, setting up my own rugs and cleaning (ugh!!!) the studio and house and reorganizing, dyeing wool, making up ordered kits and CHASING MICE!!!

Don’t mice realise that at this time of year they are much better off outside in the warm temperatures nibbling on my gardens rather than inside a trap surrounded by 4 cats!!!! I know there is a mouse in the trap when in the middle of the night my cat Peanut whines outside the bedroom door. Got up at 1 the other night and sure enough she ran right for the empty cupboard that houses the trap and there was the little mouse – off he went to the garden; 1 1/2 hour later rattle rattle rattle – another mouse in the trap – off to the garden! then at 4 a.m. rattle rattle rattle – ANOTHER MOUSE!  In 24 hours we caught 7 mice in the trap – ORRRR the same mouse 7 times! This mornings mouse is going walkabout! off to the end of the driveway – almost a km away – where hopefully he will not find his way back and maybe!!!! we will be mouse free. Although last night as I was responding to emails I heard scurrying in the ceiling of the basement and all 4 cats almost ended up with whiplash as their heads whipped from side to side and eyeballs rolled trying to track the noises in the ceiling!

So enough with the mice! Today my guest artists arrive for our 3 day studio tour – Saturday to Monday. I have amazing artists here – Steve and Karen Henderson who recycle old farm equipment into funky garden ornaments and furniture, Janet Whittam who is a master weaver of clothing and home dec items and baskets, Cindy Laneville who recycles old windows and tables etc. into beautiful mosaic glass pieces, Debbie Gilmer who makes wonderful celtic inspired pottery and new this year Wendo Van Essen with her fun felted items. Check out our tour at for pictures of our work and info on the rest of our tour and how to get here. During the weekend I will try to post some pictures of everyones work.

Have not hooked much lately but last weekend I did finish off a pattern I have had for a few years. I hooked it up in mostly recycled wools and I think it looks very old and muted which is the look I was trying to achieve. Most of this week I have been trying to get the show binding finished on Apothecary Rose! and working on my project for my fish packing box/soon to be tray (found some recycled handles which I will try to either tarnish more (rust is good!) or paint black. Gord is very happy that as he says FINALLY THE JUNK IS BEING USED FOR SOMETHING! He actually loves the chicken rug on the egg box and hopes it does not sell!!!

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