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I guess you need to have lived in Quebec to know St. Hubert Barbecue Chicken! Well my Chicken Legs (as I call it), Hen as Alana calls it or St. Hubert as Sharman called it is done! It was such a fun and fast pattern to hook – now I need to attach it to my egg box. Gord had a super idea this morning of actually mounting the box on legs so it could serve as an end table!!!!! Now he was thinking recycled stair rails (in keeping with the recycled egg box) and I was thinking hmmmmmmm wrought iron chicken legs (we do have a blacksmith on our upcoming studio tour! soooooo will see how far we get with that idea! So here is my finished (hooked at least) chicken rug…

This weekend I am part of the Red Trillium Tour in the west end of Ottawa (well way west!). You can visit the website at So busy busy busy getting ready for that. I realised there are some realllly wonderful artists on this tour so I am planning on doing my shopping before the tour even starts!!!

The following (long) weekend is our own Dandelion Gardens Studio Tour. I am so lucky – I have 5 other wonderful artists joining me at my home and studio for the weekend. Wonder if I will get away without buying – ha! not likely. On our tour this year we have 4  new studios and many new artists. You can find out all about our tour by visiting our website at


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  1. Aw c’mon, Ontario used to have St. Hubert too. Chicken is so cute!! And if I were closer, I would come to both studio tours. Break a (chicken) leg.

  2. was there really St Hubert in ontario? hmmmm bet it was not pronounced the same way!!!!

    • The Country Mouse

      OMG…as soon as I saw the subject of your blog I immediately thought…oh no, they’ve closed all the St. Hubert BBQ restaurants!!! Silly me…what can one expect from a wee mouse with a small brain!!

      By the way, there is a St. Hubert BBQ in Cornwall, just before the Seaway Bridge…conveniently located for hungry cross-border shoppers!!

      Your ‘Chicken Legs’ turned out mighty fine…can almost hear ‘Hen’ clucking in her coop.

  3. Trish Strung

    There was St. Hubert in Toronto as well. Not far from where we lived actually. love the chicken it really made me smile.


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