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Whew what a day yesterday – up at 4:30, left at 7 to drive up to Ottawa, set up started at 8:30 and done by 9 and hookin excitement until 3 then home by 6. I was so exhausted when I got home and could not understand why 🙂 until I realised I had not had anything to drink since 9 a.m.! So 3 bottles of water later I felt fine. Amazing the restorative powers of water!!! well and food! But what a fun day seeing old friends and meeting new hookers and ohhhhh the rug display at show and tell was fabulous. I have given up on my photographic (or lack thereof) skills and left that up to the official photographer Kathy. Photos of the hookin will be posted shortly on the Olde Forge website so check in in a few days to see the wonderful rugs that the over 70 hookers brought for show and tell.

So in addition to the Karla Gerard, Kapell, Karen Kahle, Woolen Memories, Not Forgotten Farm (and of course my own) patterns, I am now carrying a series by a wonderful designer from California – Kathy of Briarwood Folk Art. Kathy’s designs are inspired by antique rugs and those of Magdalena Briner Eby. These are the patterns I have in stock – please email me for size and price… (ooops numbers 2 and 4 are gone to a couple of ladies at the Olde Forge Hookin yesterday!):

ANDDDD for those of you who are in love with yarns hooked into your rugs Janie is having a big sale as show in the ad below:
janie h. knits

 9AM to 4PMBIG NEWS:janie is
discontinuing some great yarns,books, patterns & accessories to make way for new!Come early for great deals!

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