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A few months ago I posted about Gwen who was recreating one of my antique rugs. She wanted to incorporate all her dogs as well as her paint horse. Well today Gwen dropped by and here is her wonderful finished rug:

I think Gwen did an amazing job of recreating an old vintage rug look.

Then didn’t I get an email from Diane who just hung her rug in a unique way. This was an old wagon wheel that had been cut in half and had the spokes removed. Diane ran a dowel through the middle and hung her rug inside the wheel. I think it is an ingenious way to hang a rug – Ballycanoe has these half wagon wheels for PEANUTS! Might have to go and pick some up!

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  1. These are both impressive rugs. I love the artful way that Diane hung her rug.

  2. Way to go ladies. Both rugs are terrific.

  3. The Country Mouse

    C’est magnifique!!! Gwen, you did a fabulous job!!!
    Diane, am loving your ingenious hanging technique…may have to steal that idea!!

  4. Congrats Gwen…a very imaginative and effective use for my half wagon wheels. I do have a few more so if anyone is interested let them know.

  5. So there you go folks – John at Ballycanoe still has those half wagon wheels available for your hooked rugs!!!! (and he has a lot more interesting stuff too so if you have never been there you reallllly should go!!!)…

  6. Sandi Percival

    Ballycanoe sounds amazing. Diane I am so impressed with your rug and what a way to enhance it by hanging it through a 1/2 wagon wheel. Cudos to you. I also enjoyed seeing your needle punched pieces. You are certainly on a roll. Keep it up and hope to see you soon……Sandi


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