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Hmmmmm seems I have been hooking a lot of the patterns I have for sale! This weekend’s project was a pattern by Karen Kahle. It did not start off well – I pulled the colours Karen used in her piece – more tealey tones for the leaves) and started cutting and hooking. I realised my colours were much brighter than Karen’s and the piece was not looking the way I wanted it to. So – what to do? Well I decided to hook it in my usual favourites – warm reds, olive greens and golds – only to find that this ALSO did not work as the colour of the leaves was way toooooo dark for the surrounding background which I did love. Whew – what do I try next – I already had 2 piles of cut wool that were not going to be used in this piece!!! So pulled out the third set of wools – still greens but soft anjou pear greens, soft soft oranges, mauves, beizes, soft yellows and IT WORKED! I LOVE the finished piece. It is bordered by a mauve/purple/gold/soft olive plaid which I will use next week in my finishing class to demonstrate a prodded edge on the pillow. Here is a picture – if you are interested in the pattern and the wools (bundled) that I used in the piece please email me:

I hope you all had as wonderful a weekend as I did – on the way down to spend the weekend with my parents we stopped in Cobourg at Legacy (an Architectural Salvage store). Now I love old stuff and this place was chock full of amazing stuff – if you are looking for door handles, antique lighting, old windows etc. it is a great place to visit. However, I love the hunt! I love to sort through the “junk” and just happen upon that wonderful piece that speaks to me. This place was WAY TOOOOOO ORGANIZED AND CLEAN AND TIDY! I don’t want all the treasures on display – I want to “find” them by accident, as though they had been hidden away decades ago and I just discovered them. So I will continue to frequent my local salvage (Ballycanoe and Millers) and junky antiques stores.

During the weekend – interspersed with way too much eating of really good food (Gord did happen to mention on the way home how much he enjoyed all the good cooking on the weekend and sadly it was back to my cooking – to which I responded – it could be his cooking!!!) I did get to an antique mall in Waterloo and found a fun little fish packing crate. It has wonderful graphics on the sides and has already been cleaned up (no fishy smell!) and is ready for a fish rug and handles so that in its new life it will become a tray (Gord’s idea – which almost makes up for the cooking remark!).

Monday night I met the ladies of the Georgetown rughooking guild when I did a trunk show on what primitive and antique inspired rughooking means to me. It was so nice to see so many familiar faces and to chat with everyone. What an exciting programme they have – if I were closer I would have to join their guild!

The only downer of the entire weekend was both Gord and I breaking teeth! Gotta stop eating those frozen cookies!!!! Oh and giving blood Tuesday night and having a vein collapse as the nurse prodded and prodded that BIG SPIKE in my arm wondering why no blood was coming out!!!! Otherwise it was a great weekend.

This Saturday I will be vending at the Moira Matters hookin in Belleville. Hope to see some of you there…

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  1. Your hooked piece is amazing and worth all the re-tries. I always seem to be astonished by the ‘power of mauve’.It’s so easy to forget about mauve unless it’s a dominant colour……and as to MILLARS’-they’ve been working a long time to get their arrangements just right for ‘the hunt’!

  2. Love the extended darker shadow of the leaves that allows you to use lighter values in both the leaves and background. Great mat!

  3. Yup mauve mauve mauve – a neutral! seems to take on any other colour beautifully!

  4. See you on Saturday, Loretta and I have a S&P set for you or Wendy :-))) Looking forward to the day since I haven’t hooked in a while and who knows how much I will do on Saturday :-)).


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