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I wish everyone a wonderful, peaceful, healthy Easter holiday spent with family and friends and lots of chocolate! Hopefully the weather will hold up – today is amazing and of course Gord is off to golf – so not only will I get the hole by hole account of his golf game (although ALL I ever ask is so how was your game? – not CAN YOU TELL ME EVERY SHOT YOU MADE AND HOW YOU HELD THE CLUB AND AND AND!) but this is MASTERS WEEKEND! ahhhhh I get another 10 hours a day of TV time – of GOLF! and hmmm we have a rewind feature which allows him to watch each swing 2 – 3 times! and HE WATCHES THE COMMERCIALS!!!!!!! cause he might miss something about a new golf club (not that that is happening!) or a car (even though we just got a new car a week ago!!!!). So can you tell I am going a little strange right now in grand anticipation!

Have been hooking and finished a rug the other day by Woolen Memories (one of the new smaller rugs that I am carrying) so in the theme of rabbits here is the new rug (still in the binding phase) and a few others I have done:

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  1. Happy Easter Lor! Love that new rabbit rug. Very primitive and Karen Kahle influenced. Nice to know Gord is happy but I am so glad that Bill doesn’t golf….hockey 24/7 is enough for me. Did you get a subaru (sp?)?

  2. love the bunnies. Sooooo cute.

  3. wish I had some hooked eggs to go with them!!! guess I will have to make do with chocolate!

  4. oooh, they are all beautiful bunnies Loretta, but I LOVE the one jumping over the carrots with the “Canadiana’ jack pines at the sides! Happy weekend to you and yours. BTW, speaking of ‘yours’, I am eventually seeing a novel on the theme of “Loretta’s Guide to Husband Management” 🙂

    • Hi Liz that rabbit jumping is actually a pattern by Tish Murphy – was the piece that got me hooked on hooking years and years ago. Hmmm the book – HUSBAND MANAGEMENT – sounds interesting but not sure about that title – I might not HAVE a husband after that 🙂

  5. Loretta, I love your rabbits! We need to sit and hook together and chat about rugs! Fond wishes to you, Kathy in CA

  6. Hi Loretta, I love love love how you did my new pattern. JUST GREAT. Sandy- Woolen Memories


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