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As I sipped my coffee (is that a neutral?) this morning I read and reread Karen Kahle’s blogpost on using neutrals ( I realise I still have a hard time with neutrals – I love colour! and for me neutrals just seem to have so little zing. However, when I reread Karen’s take on neutrals for the hmmmm 4th or 5th time (it does take me a while at times)  and thought about it and looked at her pictures it started to make sense. These neutrals (greys, silvers, browns, khaki, putty, copper, sand, cinnamon etc.) can soften and age a rug if they are used in conjunction with small amounts of less vibrant colours or, as I would probably use them, can make the colours pop even more. I did go through photos of rugs I have done over the years and found a few where I used more neutrals and less colour (really out of my comfort zone!):

I think these fit into the definition of more use of neutrals – greys, taupes, browns, creams, mauves? I know to me they DEFINITELY look like more neutral colours and the rugs seem more aged and soft (well except for that shot of hot red in the last one!). But I still struggle with the whole concept of neutrals in my rugs and how to use them effectively. Guess I will be spending more mornings rereading notes from my class with Karen and her blog!!!

That being said, I am holding another dye class on April 16 from 10 till 4. There are 2 spots left in the class – see the Events page for more details and let me know if you are interested. We can dye OLD AND DIRTY, HOT BRIGHT COLOURS  or NEUTRALS! All up to you!…

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  1. I, too, read Karen’s blog on neutrals, and have been faithfully following her since your workshops with her in Phoenix earlier in the year…….Your sample pieces I like in particular as they appear to have more cohesion and melding but at the same time one’s focus is still on the main subject of the hooking. Yours look as though they could have stepped out of my great-grandmother’s summer kitchen!
    1. Have you ever dyed your linen or burlap before hooking? I was thinking that if I dyed my backing a black, my Chickadee pins, when trimmed, would not show the white or cream or grey of the backing.
    2. Where can I buy small or regular sized rolls of Freezer Paper? I combed our community for it without any luck.

    Thanks, Pat

    • Hi Pat Her blog is soooooo interesting!!!! and such fun to read and look at. I find myself staring at her rugs trying to figure out what I am doing wrong! or hmmm maybe right!!! 🙂
      I have never dyed linen – I have washed it to shrink it so that I can use it without hooking background. It changes from that lovely grey to a more brownish colour and does actually shrink up. I dont see why you could not dye it – probably with something other than the acid dyes for animal fiber though.
      If you need freezer paper our local grocery store carries the usual sized box but let me know if you need a smaller amount. Hmmmm perhaps buying it for the guild and then everyone can cut off what they might need and pay by the yard! It is not terribly expensive – if you need a couple of yards let me know and I will bring them next week…

  2. What a pleasant surprise to recieve your recent blog post while sitting in the Winnipeg Union Station en route to Jasper. Must admit that ai am more a color person than a neutral one but I think neutrals can really pop color.


  3. I want to sit, look at the lake and ponder this discussion with you Loretta! You have as curious a mind as I do in tying to figure this stuff out! Kathy way, away, in CA

  4. It is definitely a pondering aspect of rughooking and colour. Who knows – maybe some day you will get to canada and we can ponder on the dock! as we gaze at the landscape and try to pick out the neutrals – Karen is definitely opening my eyes to something I really never considered before….


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