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This weather is totally wierd – who expects 25 degrees CELSIUS in March. Today in Ottawa it is supposed to be 25 feels like 30 – for those of you who like me still don’t do metric that is 90 DEGREES FAHRENHEIT! in MARCH!!!! So for those friends who are currently in Florida – OUR WEATHER IS WARMER THAN YOURS!!!! That does not make me feel great about hooking on my bigggg, hotttttt, AR rug! So that final border is still not finished. However, after doing Karen’s tote bag I decided to try to do another and change it up a bit. This is my fat sheep tote bag with pockets on the back and a wool gusset on the bottom:

Today I am having a dye class – will try to remember to post pictures of Wendy and Vanessa’s completed pile of wool! Should be fun – although more fun when it is cold out! I have lowered the basement temperature!

A few months ago France and I went junkin! France was looking for a frog – not a REAL frog but a floral frog – the kind you put into a vase or container to hold your flowers upright. Well we found a few at the fleamarket – a wonderful silverplated one (that was too expensive! – we are cheap junkers!), a vintage glass one and a beautiful brass/copper mixed one which actually I think probably was a potpourri holder. So France got the brass one and I bought the glass one – and WHAT DID WE DO WITH THEM? Well  I am sure this is not an original thought but it certainly is a wonderful way to display and organize your hooking tools!!! Now I just have to find some of those beautiful old antique hooks that everyone else seems to have found. So check out the fleamarkets for your own frogs!

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  1. Hello Loretta,
    thanks for the warm reception to your house and studio yesterday.
    We enjoyed our visit.
    I wish to thank you for being so nice and giving me the tricks of the trade,ahahahah.
    I feel much better now.
    Have a good day and thanks again.


  2. Your bag looks great! I use my glass frog to store my hooks, scissors and markers in too!

  3. See – amazing what that old junk can be used for (oh oh bad grammar) – all the more reason to continue junkin….

  4. Sandi Percival

    Hey Lor: Temps here are running in the low 90s. Try and beat that!!!! I am in swimming every day – can you???? Eat your heart in Canada. Watch that mother nature does not bite you in the a.. and present you with a bit more cold weather!!!! The tote is great – another project for one of your classes. Cheers…..Sandi

  5. Judy Phinney - Lyndhurst

    Hi Loretta;
    Thank you so much for receiving us into your home this past week. The 3 of us thoroughly enjoyed our visit!!! You and I have the same passion for the ‘things of the dead’. :>)))
    Looking forward to our next vist. Take care and keep on hookin’. Judy


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