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Tote bag – ha bet you thought it was the big rug – Apothecary Rose – but nope! decided since I had started the tote bag earlier this week I would finish it and then just focus on hooking. Many years ago I saw Karen for the first time at the Hooked in the Mountains show in Vermont where she had this wonderful tote bag that had NO HOOKED BACKGROUND!!! It looked sooooo dead easy to put together and was such a wonderful pattern that I bought it – and held onto it for many years. Well, with the flower blocks of my AR rug done I realised I have a lot of left over wool so decided to use the same colours in the tote bag and so this week hooked the tote bag. The hooking was easy and fast and fun – love those big flowers – and I had the wool already cut up so… Yesterday I decided to put the bag together – took the WHOLE DAY! Karen’s instructions are wonderful and clear but for some reason all day long I felt like I was having hot flashes! Well, KNOWING that I am WAY past that stage in life I checked the thermostat. GORD HAD TURNED IT UP! 2 full degrees. Under normal circumstances 2 degrees would be nothing but this is a realllllly well insulated basement with radiant floor heating and half a degree feels like 5 – so 2 full degrees felt like the Caribbean in July! NOT GOOD when you are working hard at the sewing machine and iron! I think I lost 5 pounds! But it is done and looks absolutely wonderful!  AND I still had tons of Karen Kahle wool left and so decided that I would put the wool together for the one final Tote Bag pattern that I have in stock. If you are interested in this pattern and wool let me know…

In the meantime, hooks went up on the shelf from Ballycanoe – they are absolutely perfect! Big, grungy and I was able to touch up the new screws with a bit of cream coloured paint and brown shoe polish so they look just as old and grungy (no more soaking in bleach and vinegar!!! and creating toxic fumes!). In addition, Gord painted and antiqued my shoe shine box so it is ready for my cutter AND polished up the little blue box. What a great productive day!!!! Today – the border of my AR rug! – well start anyway!


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  1. The fabric you used to line your bag is spot-on perfect! So cute!

  2. Will we see a picture of the old grungy shelf with grungy hooks?


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